Contemplation and Meditation

Sources of Inspiration and Aspiration by Intuition based Instructions, Guidelines for guiding all toward the Precise and Right

Try to align the data or the science that will be hints of life and our lives with standard of the Rights

Fardhie Hantary

Derivatio Phenomenon Togetherness Monopoly Livelihood Religion and Tenet Reconcilement Advise Ideology Divinity Laws of Nature
Fasting/Ramadan Slander/Calumny Defender of the faith The King of All King Indefinable He Strange but True Questions of The Devil
Chronological History Islam Nature Says 2012 Flood Not Disaster Meditation for Peacher The Word Souvereignty The Caliph Stepping

Indonesia Does Not Need to Improve Again

The Beginning of Humanity

It's Time

Human or Animal?


Meaning of the name Ibraham Lover of God

Video Clip Contemplative


The lesson from humans at all desperately determined the sensibilities of feel, The result of which we have every problems could bring the influence of being beneficial and make the personality of a person exquisitely and worthy to be judged


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