At chapter part or this episode me tries to share phenomenon about Monopoly.


Dominate and influence absolutely to restrain, determine a certain, that's Monopoly that trend in this time even is bing target by partly side, although impact and risk from the mentioned often time influences our alive, they don't cared to what that risk.Permanent Monopoly has been tradition and culture in walk it this life. We mention that Monopoly form: Leadership Monopoly, Business Monopoly, Property Monopoly, and still many again Monopoly form form. But ever it you realize if those Monopoly actually not property or belong to us as creature at create, because only the creator that can do that thing can not who and whatever the creation creature. even so that is us force also, so will affect in nature and in alive order and our life, such as those which ever i have studied in episode or phenomenon chapter so here will not i study again impact. how can has limitedness, can restrain? or can that Monopoly done by somebody herself controlled? will be like when the controller lose the rein? many administrator examples that restrain a moment he haves but the manner consequence destruction possible during the time, case example Namrud, pharaoh and Abu Lahab, still many again another little case example, live you see and read history. Conditio sine qua non to so the controller that restrain, under this point important that must has the controller.


1. Power not what property and whoever but ours.

2. Influence that can to influence entire.

3. Never trapped in alive and life.

4. Insight property and erudition very vast.

5. There is no objection or difficulty in restrain and do to whatever.


From 5 point is we have? may be one of the point can we have, but when does one of the point not we have so not may be human and can to restrain, configuring finely. Come to light that Monopoly coat not creature coat at creates, but loan that must be returned in a moment later to the owner. We are as only endure creature, run and controlled by system or rule the he has determined, he is portions has made the creation creature.


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