Meditation For Preacher

I seek refuge to You yaa Allah (Al Musta'adz) of the words I lied, Please pardon to you from the limitations of my words.

Lately many people preaching, teaching Deploying and Delivering the Truth "would be happy to earth and the universe, if only it were true" But look See current conditions and realities "Look at this natural phenomenon" Look at the current human condition "Look moral developments people today "and see Religion of human movement at this time that is easy to change and change is only caused Doubt, Anxiety and no wants to admit the truth" Is that shows the Truth? Is it true that in missionary endeavor ", in Teach" and on the Review of the time? Why not proved by the number of those who convey the Truth? disseminate the contents of His book? Do you know how easy it is said to be true only in Speech "in the word" even those that claim to believe in reading (Al Koran Letter 2=Cows verse 8) Similarly, when these lips service as if they were present when the Truth Intention and Motive depart early for hire "because the search for popularity and to find a bite of rice (not all but most of them) because even if it really wanted to convey truth and preach the Religion must day after day year after year people, or people must have Faith increases, the minimum sensitivity of the Truth it seems increasingly , Fly will home page (Hereafter) hobby love of God that sunday, The Majestic and Sublime to be loved from all forms of human love "that is there? (there is however a bit much do not like that) it would not comparable those who missionary endeavor and those who become Muslims, almost nearly the same, especially at this time all competing, competing to be the transmitter and the preacher, but he was ever the preacher, messenger asked heart, whether already deserve to call / submit? or ever the preacher (Ustadz, Mubaligh, Mu'alimah) align their lives to those who have recognized God's truth (The Prophet, Apostle and servants God of Allah)? " Why they fight so easily position to be preachers? Why are they not easy to compete for positions become Listener / Audiences? Where is the shame as the man who supposedly said it has the truth and have faith? Why do not feel guilty or at least feel responsible for the fate responsible people who want to learn to really "try to look down the fate of the people or those who we Teach, which we lead up to become servents of God who has the strength and resistance to any form of examination and toward struggle before God? "... .. But the reality of "What a moral fragility and strength of faith that mankind is currently at Teach" Preacher and Recitation hears from those who claim to be able to preach and convey the Truth "Try to realize a minimum of meditation" That does not mean fighting became preachers (ustadz) can bring truth let alone to can change the fate of people just by relying on Speech, words that does not mean all men are true, is not difficult to tell the truth, but the ultimate responsibility and consistently towards truth is required. Sounds crowd does not mean the truth, because truth is not determined by most people, but Guidance obtained when we Review, Recitation content implicit and explicit in The Koran and examples of each journey by servants God of Allah and He Prophet in arranging themselves and organize this world. From there could make the arrival of truth in a person. Voice your crowd is not guaranteed to Heaven, the words could even mislead you from the right path. (The Koran letter 6=Animal Husbandry verse 116) Moreover, when delivering the truth based on the Trend Mode Worldly ". Think about it if you admit Preacher, Propagator, Proselytizer, (said ustadz not used in The Koran but a word of Arabic culture to refer to the master) "I hope this paper can make us aware of and reflect on what we feel and we do during life in this mortal nature.

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