Assalamu'alaikum wa Rohmatullah wa Barokattu.


The word sustenance plus the changes he word in the Qur'an as much as 123 times inside 109 verse as a sample read QS Al Waaqi'ah verse 82 وتجعلون رزقكم أنكم تكذبون "You make your sustenance to lie". Livelihood or sustenance  word as if be soul from this earthing human life, because many between alive human they say he said look for Livelihood, there also that say him can not alive without Livelihood. Most of all person interprets Livelihood in the form of matter merely, may even exist also that say Livelihood money. Clear if like here's Livelihood purpose at understand so how with them not has matter tool? and how also with them clear not has matter strength and or money? then not can they alms or give a living he has to that want it? . If that is explanation entire humans, so can i ensure that: human, especially we are that admit Islam people, clear not again stand upon holy book guide Al Koran and Optional Apostle. Because at Al Koran there is no said Allah that Livelihood money, even not all Livelihoods that given Allah to the creature shaped matter element. I want to give to know to you all ustadz, religious teacher, preacher try wisely, and godfearing again interpret contents from Al Koran, because when does our delivery wrong so cause comprehension wrong, and will have fatal in our life everyday. Allah the Livelihood giver to all the creatures because he is Ar Rozaq. Come to light if during the time comprehension that say Livelihood shaped matter and money very wrong, because there command in Al Koran to give partly Livelihood that Allah has passed to us, this Allah command to all humans without with the exception of. How not has when does only based on financial values and or materials merely, really fall to us in this time when say money everything, while formerly money agreed on only tool exchanged / barter, but now far shift from beginning agreement and forget substantial values. As long as not yet late human for aware meaning from Livelihood truthfully, it is better if we are all posed more put a fence around, limit self in Livelihood purpose limit of materials or money, careful to translate, interpret contents from Al Koran. Because all that later at will ask the accountability by Allah the alive owner and great world nature life. Again this be sign from human the crisis the alive instruction guide. I leave a message to entire Islam peoples to learn wise and try to realize completely contents from Al Koran and application all that we are science at this temporary life nature, and only be to link to aim alive more eternal.


Biillahil Samii'ul 'Aliim wa Salamu'alaikum wa Rohmatullah wa Barokattu.

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