Today, this century we 've gone far country, was so far no longer be followed and overtaken by most of the population, let alone to be felt by the people who lives below the line of decent standard, so I would like to invite us all to recall the beginning of the State this stand, or the history of our ancestors who struggled to defend the sovereignty of the people of Indonesia. Which was deeply felt solidarity with one another. now beginning to create distance and gaps. Which was 80% of farmers and ordinary people who turn on/prosper and keep this country but now forgotten, marginalized even in the isolate. Many of those who had led the nation tries to rebuild but did not succeed like its predecessors, whereas the number of their predecessors is considerably less than this time. The first President we are able to liberate and fight for the rights of themselves and others, in order to survive in adversity occupation Countries who want to grab a famous homeland many natural resources that can enrich and prosperity of thousands and even millions of people. With the spirit of our ancestors tried to get up and keep it only with " the spirit of unity and the nature of technology and old-fashioned it is said to miss. not considered useful by people today, especially when compared to current technology which is said also he advanced and modern, let alone prosper, maintaining that there just is not able and overwhelmed. This is the ignorance of those who run the government and the current generation to the struggle of his predecessors who sacrifice for the next generation that is the forerunner of our present, the Republic of Indonesia today. This is due to all imported from there to get into this country, ranging from imported staples, to lifestyle liberalism( free and royal ) This is how we maintain this country now ? Is this intentional by our predecessors ? Because liberalism which had risen above kept continuously trampled reply below, which is able to keep going that can not even be left lagging behind. not ignored sweat, tears can not touch the heart, and not able to arouse a sense of awareness. Hope we just stay to yourself and future generations who are learning, learn all the useful knowledge in order to restore the sovereignty of the people and prosperity of the earth that we live. Below there is a special song for them the world's poor who are considered today as urban waste.


اللَّهَ عَلِيمٌ بِذَاتِ الصُّدُور

Allah sangat mengetahui apa saja yang ada didalam kesadaran(hati) kita.

Author by Fardhie

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