بــســم الله الـرحـمـن الـرحيـم


In the name God of Allah the Most Gracious and Merciful 

In the beginning, humans were the people of one 'ummatan wahidah' over time and cultural developments and then dispersed, split "tafarroq" in every matter and case, both in individual affairs and in groups. Every time the exam or matter and case to be answered, human settlements always argue that which leads to the divisions between themselves and the people. The disagreement though is not a threat and a reason to look at a thing of ruin. "tafarroqo" or split one root with "farooqo-furqoon" Separator or Distortion. Whilst disputes or disagreements are actually used exclusively from the "ikhtilafa-khilafa" one root word with "kholafa". This is the theme I will discuss. As it progressively cultivates ikhtilaf and tafarroq and differences in perspective ( ideology ).

Disputes or disagreements ( ikhtilaf ) is actually a common thing while still in the line of provisions such as quarreling in terms of food, the joy of a color. All this should be in accordance with the place and the culture of each. Unlike the color of the skin does not need to be a problem, it must be different in order to add beauty: White, Black, Yellow and so forth. As the rotation of this earth has to change and change. Otherwise it will not create a civilization and a good season in the West and in the East. Is there anything wrong with this? So why is the issue? humans and religious people become stupid and as if the religion runs out of the provisions of Allah’s way one of them nature's of law or natural law. Not all things in human life should be viewed by the Allah’s way of the Prophets / Messenger. Similarly, in every text of books and the contexts that exist in every book of religious people entirely.

Anyone human, wherever he is, then it has become his habit to adapt in living life. So it must be understood by us all the excess must occur because of course there is always, that the consequences in facing the test in order to continue the continuity of life on earth that has been inherited the Creator ( al Kholik ) for all creatures that are controlled and led by good human beings in the East and West ( masyriq wal maghrib ). When the Almighty I do then all living beings will receive His mercy, His love and His care. So if the Creator ( al Kholik ) alone acts on the basis of the Allah’s way that He has created himself, then let alone humans? even from the very beginning of this earth is created to the present day and the Creator will come to act according to the rule He has established from the very beginning He designed and initiated all beings, both heavenly and earth-alive, from the smallest container to the container which is large and very spacious.

Qur'an of the letter of The Cow[2] verse 115:  "Belonging, Owning, or Righteous of East and West God then: wherever human beings face there is God's face. God's knowledge is very wide. "

This verse describes the breadth of the scope of knowledge possessed by God the Creator of the universe. There is no difference in His knowledge, both in the East and in the West, all of the territory is reached by the sun and moon, all through the day and night, all receiving His grace in the rain. He does not distinguish rain in every shedding realm, He does not prioritize his ego as As Salam ( Owner of Islam ) or Al Addin The owner of the system or religion. and the knowledge can be felt all the good beings that landed and sea, as well as all human beings.

So when He sends the Prophet / Messenger to mankind, it must have to reach His vast knowledge and His grace to all of His creation. So it is obligatory The Prophets and the Messenger teach, educate and guide the human race towards a better and beneficial to himself, others and the earth. There is no difference in the teachings, utterances and education of the Prophets or the Messenger who have been sent by Allah Al Mursil because their knowledge and ideology and their reasoning are fenced with the Book of Allah and His way. Not superficial nor does it surpass, reasoning power and the Prophets are guidance and according to its portion and proportion without having to violate the natural laws that have been established by the Creator.

Qur'an the letter The Cow[2] verse 136: Say: "We believe in Allah and what He has revealed to us, and which He revealed to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob and his descendants, and to Moses, Jesus, as well as the prophets who came from their Lord. We do not discriminate against one of the Prophets, therefore we are submissive ( moslem ) ".

So anyone subject to obedience to the commands or 'amrun of the Lord has been revealed in all the books he has ever taught to Moses ( Torah ), David ( Psalms ), Jesus ( The Gospel ) and to Muhammad (The Qur'an ). All of these books are Holy Books of Allah, all of these books are the guidance, guidance and guidance of all the people of the religion, with the Book of the people of religion as well as deciding everything without exception.

Then where are mistakes and divisions can happen? Or why would all the religious people be stupid and decide on the basis of his ego and his will? All of that goes back to self and again a lust that plays a role to blind people, to bend straight and to obscure the truth and the heart of all human beings. Eventually the weather that transforms us into worshipers and followers prince of darkness or devil far today has been reminded by God the Creator God Al Kholiq which has been formed in such a design and deliver human and earth.

Qur'an the letter The Heights[7] verse 27: " O children of Adam, do not be defamed by prince of darkness as he has issued your parents from heaven, devil have let go of both clothes ( libasa ) to show their two parents. Really devil and his followers can and can imagine you from where you can not indicate where they are. Indeed, We have made the devil a guardian ( auliya ) to anyone who does not believe. "

The devil is able to whisper and direct man from a distant place, wherever he likes, the devil can come to the human being in a conscious state let alone unconscious, even devil can enter into human life both in the heart and mind. Remember the human creatures of Al Kholiq, the lust of the faithful, to make all our ideologies, thoughts and feelings tarnished by him, which over time we will be transformed into new beings, beings we ourselves will manifest. When the idea of him with all sorts of attributes the devil, the Korin or the Samiri , the Gog Magog and the Antichrist, which will control life and human life entirely.

Jewish and Christian scholars were originally submissive to the teachings of the prophet Moses and prophet Jesus, as they changed them, foretold something that was not good and beneficial, even creating creatures capable of sounding like human beings. Build something that destroys themselves and affects all humanity through the knowledge that their prophet has taught, where the meaning of the science is taught to goodness and to others. But again humans themselves worship the devil, the devil and the devil because of their obedience to their desires and to change the truth to false.

So there is no reason for humans to dodge and say that every book that Allah has ever proposed / revealed, Robb to the prophets can not give an explanation, can not mediate the problem, and answer every problem. Again the sawwala and the controlling origins to make all the clues, the teachings that exist in the Book of the Apocalypse become vanish and false. The essence of truth is always there, the explanation has been compiled in every Allah's mode of action of the prophets and the apostles, there is no deviation in their every the Allah’s way there is no contradiction between the prophets and the messenger, the people and every follower distorting and making the truth of the earth (ardhullah).

Note through explicit verses to contemplate:

Qur'an the letter The Bee[16] verse 63: "By Allah, We have indeed sent the messenger to every people before you, but the syaithan have   jayyana / decorate every charity of the people, then become the devil take over them at that moment and for them is a grievous Penalty. "

Qur'an the letter The Bee[16] verse 93: "If Allah willed, He would have made you one nation ( ummatan wahidah ) but Allah wills (to test you) who strayed among you and who has been guided, And indeed you will all be questioned ( tas'alun ) against whatever you have done. " This verse is similar or in line with QS 11: 118 and QS 42: 8 read for yourself! "

Qur'an the letter Explained in detail[41] verse 25: "We have appointed for them the jewelery which has been jayyana / decorate every deed which is before and behind them, then it is expedient for them to torment the previous generations before them both among the jinn and man, they are the ones who are khoosir / losers. " read also Qur'an 22: 67 + 45: 16-18.

In essence the divisions and differences occurred after the Prophet Moses and Aaron were sent to the people of his people and then his people broke / taffaqroq every 'amrun and command His apostle. Likewise the people of every prophet and the messenger are sent from time to time, times from time to time to the end of time. Therefore: faqro'uu maatayassaro minal-qur'an / read / read what is easy from the Qur'an, read, observe, immerse yourself and all the verses of Allah in the universe, it becomes very important to mentartil tardris said the word, lafadzh per lafadzh which exists in all the Holy Books of Allah until the correct sentence is written in accordance with the meaning of the verse, so that there is no deviation and misunderstanding, to plunge into self and others.

Greetings to us all creatures Al Kholik which still stands on hudan and running furqon and able to pay with wisdom and justice.

author by Fardhie the man of God.

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