Flood Not Disaster

Many people say Water is abundant of high land (mountain, sky) to say human lowland flooding, this term may still be tolerated, but if it must be said Disasters, irrelevant and obviously very big mistake, you try to imagine if the earth had parched , as well as when the river and the ocean just filled with rocks in the absence of flowing Water. When people complain of the earth experiencing drought, when the amount of Water many people also complain and say it Disasters. So this Earth and Water should heed the word of men who never want to understand and realize what he was saying. If you are a decision maker within a company or leading a community, if you have to take decisions and must consider the people who do not necessarily understand your point, even could be wrong with the intent that we want, what we still consider? That the earth is also a decision that should he run without having too many people consider that his hobby was constantly complain and protest anything that is not to his satisfaction. So try to understand if this earth Water must flow and keep flowing, because that is his responsibility and that portion as a creature who also have the same interests as human beings. So if you still say Running Water is Flood and Disaster, you should think about it or better still and do not comment. Because your comments will still be in vain and useless. Even if we have to count to calculate the harm done by abundant Water, let's describe one by one excesses or loss that allegedly say. What caused excess Water abundant? I am sure you would have an answer, but you try to understand my answer "-the smallest excess is moist and wet place. Even if the losses are calculated as the number of definite waste of Water had passed the limit. So where and what the losses in human nature? Loss of material "Losing a place to live" or may have lost their lives "what to do? Where is the connection? Are not all loss or damages caused by our own who do not want a careful and wary of a change. Why when Water pass through these places you do not move from where you sit, you may be unreasonable if you and the family was busy falling asleep, or maybe you are angry with the Water which has resulted in one of your family is gone, you try to think that you and your family of your self itself can present this earth, is not caused by the Water services? Once we feel lost if it is right, or we try to reduce its value, for I lost it wrong, because it's still worth a break-even" (From the never, Ever was and Back to being no) Was not human doing it again the next day? That is certainly needed help Water back. Well now let us count the man-made excesses against Water. Every moment and every day people continue to consume Water, so Water is depleted and exhausted, even disappear from this earth, what can you make? or what services you are to bring Water? Nothing.

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Greetings from me Fardhie

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