He searched everyone, He talked about everywhere, even He disputed a lot of people, but He is a He, and He has presented all the creatures, the create of the universe. status and He identity is always in He appearance. Status and Identity are always yearning, there was no two, no one was able to match He, cause He's one and independent in He solitude. He has proven He presence and He appearance in all beings, He is invisible to the eye, but real could have felt He presence in the hearts of all human beings without exception, whence He is and who He is. There are still many people seek He and tried with all kinds of shapes beliefs in order to be able to trust the existence of He, and believes He form as The creator and the stylists are all and sundry. He's on call and called by various terms the term is most frequently called and all religions agree says He God without any conflict, even when asked who is a God? answer to Pencipta (Indonesian) The Creator (English) was agreed, when asked the name of God or The creator is where the differences and debate, for those Buddhists say He (Buddha) for Christians to say He (Jesus) for Muslims (Allah) Oddly enough Christians still differ to their Lord, as termed the religion they already happened conflicts and flow that each termed God with their terms. The split in the Islamic society also occurs but only the manner and order of its different, but a term for God stays the same الله (Allah) When asked why Muslims differ in running its belief towards God, the answer simply put" Since it is still stuck with the culture and interests of each. But if only we are aware of the results of the work and the work of God is surely the same seen and felt by the whole human being, then it is the same if you can see and feel the results of the work of the God. Why get stuck and not wise in termed the names for God, while He work can be just felt and believed to be, my answer is "because of the ego and ashamed to admit that right. A little example of a difference in terms of"

Sakit(Indonesia), Sick(English) Suka(Indonesia) Like(English) Senang=Happy, different terms but felt by everyone in her must have been the same, If they occur in only explain it. Then why is it so the term names for God are too hard on equate? If we believe God exists then there must be a term for He, as the means are there in the human body, starting from the eyes, ears and nose, only different in name, however He appearance remains the same seen and perceived by humans, so is the term God there must be the correct answer, we just want to live honestly recognise and realise before too late, for the religion and beliefs made by man can much of the way and a lot of the term, then go back to your hearts on the belief the voice language like human conscience and a profound sense of ourselves, surely there couldn't be any different.

Author by Fardhie