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بــســم الله الـرحـمـن الـرحيـم

Give her good wishes we are all. Title or This topic THE QUESTIONS OF THE DEVIL. Before enter in article topic, i want to draw lines to direct beforehand so that can objective under consideration this, try to open heart and your explanation. Not matter foreign for sentence mankind Devil / Prince of Darkness. Because sentence always at make scapegoat every Error form, Ugliness, Crime, Rebellious and Insubordinate.



 1.Which He time creat me toes Will of God and the willing, so why does He burden on myself to know and obey it ? "Does the wisdom,philosophy in this load ? "Temporary He doesn't get profit by loyalty and doesn't get loss Rebellious, Insubordinately."

 2.Which He time has alreadied to creat me, load me, then i fulfill that the load with knows with obey it, so why does He load me also to obey Adam and prostration to it ? "What else the wisdom,philosophy in this load ? "Especially after that thing will not my identification increase and my loyalty to it.

 3.At the time of He has alreadied to creat and absolutely load me, with peculiarly load me for prostration to Adam, so whenever i am not prostration to Adam why does He curse me and chase away me from Heaven ? "Even less such the wisdom,philosophy that ? "After previous i am never make bad something that, except my utterance not prostration ( to a certain ) except to You God."

 4.After He creat me, then load me absolutely and peculiarly, then i don't adhere. So that He curse me and chase away me, so why does He give a chance in me meet Adam ? "So that i step into Heaven for second the time and ( Adam ) i am trick with my power trick, so that Adam consumes ( fruit ) from that prohibition tree, then God take outside it, while if He prevent me to enter Heaven, sure Adam escaped from ( my temptation and Adam eternal permanent in it ) "

 5.Which He time has alreadied to creat me, then load me in general and special, then curse me and let me step into Heaven, between i and Adam in hostility, why am i empowerred on the breed ( Adam )? "So that i can see them, temporary they can not see me, and give top priority my power trick on they, effort and their strength is not preced in me. Does the wisdom,philosophy in the case of such that ? "While if they are created to follow natural tendency, without ( existence ) that deviate them from ( natural tendency ) that, sure they will live in purity and obedient. Isn't it true that such that is suitable makes them."

 6.I trust all this, God is that already to creat me, load me absolutely with tie up me. At the time of i don't obey it, He curse me and chase away me, when do i want to enter Heaven, He allows and hive a chance, then i make my effort, He chase away me, and empower to me on descendants Adam, so why when do i ask strong, He allow it ? "When do i say: " Delay me up to resurrection day ", God says: " Actually you have been given strong until to time that already determined. Does the wisdom,philosophy in the case of such ? "While if He destroy me direct, sure Adam and all creatures felts safe from me and sure there is no crime at world. Isn't it true" that world permanence in far good regulation bicer than mixes to stir it with crime."


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