Indonesia does not need to improve anymore, Indonesia does not need an idea, Indonesia is a territory that has been made, territorial that has been established before those who sit in the current Government, Indonesia is the result of unity and unity, Indonesia is a legacy that must be guarded and run by people who have the same feeling with their predecessors, have the determination to maintain and maintain their territory from all the elements that harm and damage the togetherness that has been built intact by fighters who do not demand their salaries and social security and their families, solely maintaining the continuity of children grandchildren to be able to live like sentient beings the right to life.

Indonesia and all its territories are independent and free from the grip of the State that wants to divide the unity and the very broad population unity that is multi-cultural and very worried by the World if Indonesia and all its people unite in building and maintaining their territory. Indonesia used to remain the same at this time, Indonesia when it was built and after it was built it was still in its territory, there was no disadvantaged region, no other country that deserved it because Indonesia stood above the equator and in the borders or its territories which have since existed without the Government running. Indonesia is not a collection of one race but a variety of ethnicities, Indonesia is not an individual but a meeting and sharing of character, character. Indonesia has become a building that is complete and ready to be occupied. Indonesia is able to protect its people, Indonesia is able to accommodate millions of indigenous people and even migrants and whoever needs protection.

If we are aware of this, we really don't need to look for scapegoats, if only the Government and the people often meet emotionally, knit threads that are tangled, recycle for the common good, arrange random things to get organized and neat, talk about things relating to the Nation and the progress of its people, without intermediaries of certain parties, without via listening and conveying aspirations, all problems must be resolved, all those who are constrained must be resolved, especially those concerning the Sovereignty of the People and Their Country. Because many solutions are overcome when problems must be solved without intermediaries and not always intermediaries are able to solve real problems not coming from the intermediary but from intermediaries / bridges, followers and which followeds, leaders and led, government and people.

Indonesia cannot be separated and can be released from the areas or rooms inside a building, although in the course of each of these they have their own doors and spaces that must be known, appreciated and guarded with one another. Actually what is called a building does not have to have rooms but enough is just a large room to gather, even if there are most rooms only a private room, not togetherness, not the position, only the seat, not the position, but identification. There is no difference in judgment, which differs in sight, does not distinguish the color of his skin to have his rights and interests as beings, Singergis and Symbiosis of Mutualism, not Parasitism, not Commensalism, must be interdependent and needy.

All of this is not enough just for my Indonesian Peace slogan, all of this does not need an intermediary, none of this can only be alone, Togetherness becomes a benchmark, like the saying that the saying has broken does not grow, do not linger when you are practiced, not in -Wait for the coming, but prepared for his arrival, Do not hold it that must come out, because it can endanger the one who will issue and who is released, like a mother who must give birth to the babies immediately. Do not question an affair, because the business does not need to be questioned, but it is taken care of, Do not take care of that is not a matter, No need to be a problem, the answer is not yet known. Don't be afraid of a child when he or she walks, don't be banned when he wants to actualize his legs and whole body. Parents only escort and supervise the babies. Do not damage the play facilities, do not destroy the ones that have grown, do not grow only the will of the parents. The same awareness that has not been possessed by the generations of this century, to be in line with the ideals of their ancestors.

Many people are only a high school but not a clean mental mentality, on the other hand there are still many brothers who have good spiritual mentality, but their knowledge is insufficient to reach and face the turbulence and change of times. The final conclusion: "Unleash the mind of the colonizing ignorance, Raise the chains of poverty on yourself and others, Do not interfere with foreign parties or foreign cultures that do not have to pollute the archipelagic world with its multi-cultural".

Greetings to us, fellow beings who have been brought together

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