I have begun by the name of God that already to creating me.

Greetings for us all on alive godsend and Life that already him give.

 Previous i want to invite us a moment give time to condition self in vehicle contemplasi and Meditation. Here i want to share story and Phenomenon about world crisis in this time towards somebody figure that can be made Leader/Caliph towards human culture social order, Either through form scale little also big (country). At era/century 21 this entire we as if begin to lose self personality, Self belief to want to give a ray of hope, Our belief towards whoever he is that will lead this world. Because only with give our belief to it that can help us and He to find somebody figure that can lead also this nation. One our side expects somebody to be Leader/Caliph in this life, Moved other we also always criticize, Humiliate and Consider Leader/Caliph not good and Can not supposed, Isn't it true that this is strange  matter! . Because to be able to change a insufficient order during a moment even less only with excoriate the leadership. Clear if matter has liked this continue so beyond question whoever one who will so Leader/Caliph certain always wrong at our eye. Try to help it with also good deed. When really we still to expect somebody to made Leader/Caliph in alive and This life.


Every worship and Praise to the owner Predicate Status and Identity. Hence we still can sip air and Our resource actualization. Is not suitable when the creation being Has praise exceed it, Improper likely when do we forget genesis We as human that already Him create to always serve to him In like also sorrow, In ease and Difficulty, At moment difficult also glad, That be our consequence as the creature. How does funny when do we only grateful in situation and Condition always glad, Like, Appropriate our willing, Because difficult and Glad, Difficult and Easy be this life pair. Sometimes success, Delight can be achieved via failure and Difficulty, Alive whom we experience, Because benefit and Disadvantage can come from God, Even he is the creator tests us often via both the things. So with that reason also advisable, Try to be more 'wise, Wise in posed transitory life and Relative this, Because when do we want to return in place proper (heaven) and Get the permission, So don't ever forget life eschatological matters and Don't trapped in this perishable world life game


Best wishes for us that still at give it opportunity by do good something that and Useful. Under this there a little message may be can at make spiritual input.

This world life only is to link to aim alive more eternal. But when do we trapped in world game transitory this so we be human avarice victim still not complete from taste want acknowledgement, Will starve for power, Deceit towards a certain truth and Still many again human avarice forms. Above all for us all don't ever like the mentioned. Feelingly always will yearn our the return to the alive creator and Life will anticipate us from trapped we this world mirage game.


When does human at ask or at exercise about who is creator, so certain entire humans can answer it easily. But ever we are to realize, that answer is not identical with know/understand. Because if who has alreadied to creating sky and earth so that be question cliche. why do i say such, because many humans will have answer but incapable of will posed towards question with properly. Because when does that Creator there so even less that we create, besides make damage under the sun,  and how also Responsibility on human attitude to life during the time that already without considering and never want considering risk from every deed. So don't ever answer without know meaning from answer,  and don't ever say without ever make and apply answer. Consequence from answer must at realize and at aplication because when not so that question a while ago i say cliche. When does just we want to be more wise again that every Responsibility from everything whatever we say and we shall make later soon at degree and at witness by Him.


I try to share Phenomenon to us all so that can be made Introspection ingredient in life only a moment this. Alive and our life only will gyrate in the world of transitory this certain it will not ever quit of Essence Element Substantial,Heart Spritual, therefore be substance and conditio sine qua non by walk it system earthing human life mirage and relative this. Because when do we endure this life without the mentioned certain only limit of physical body merely. How does the funny when do we alive bot more either from An'aam (animal), because only human that can and can to restrain idea and the feeling to something worthwhile and better. But sometimes surplus that given possible tool to make the optional and without deliberation (Egocentric), even tool can be made weapon to forget our genesis and nullify grandeur/power The Creator that give all that to the creature.



Every life form certain there final, so properly we can learn from times that already us pass, Because only with our substantial result can save our good charity by provision aim alive more true that is hereafter. I want to remind to us all, be careful towards something that can be enemy for us, can through people, or also our self. Because proudest human character. And very careless easy for grateful to alive and die.



I only want to invite us all to a moment give time to ourselves self because the at that time (Al Koran Al-Ashr) always give the time for universe order even less we are as space limited creature and Time properly also can and Without mind to give wat we are in a certain matter positive or Assumed good and Fulfil criteria from the at that time self.

Sometimes i ask to ownself, why like that sensation and Trapped human in a certain bodily materials matter, as if everything this life form is measuresed based on the mentioned, add to stump again, when all a certain it determined with money, isn't it true that many matters can not at determine by it? Like Honesty example, Responsibility, Love,  and still many again matter can not and will not can at will determine by money, because money it is only human product and Only be tool exchanges, Not everything. Well why in this time he be king and Human life determinant? May be you of opinion or Ask, strange this person!, why does matter like this made criticism. I direct shall answer, because when not realized early on how fall to this earthing human life,  and be standardization in our culture order is the mentioned so only cognizance alive morality values that can to remove the mentioned, because that why does this matter me make topical. When did we see to all over the world all human life aspects determined and be the barometer money, learn right all mortal but why pay and expensive? Why made business commercial arena merely, isn't it true that matter at consider natural? Because that also why did i say fall to this earthing human, If you all know and realize that science that got that come from this earth self and that science chip/container by right supplied by The Creator (mind or brain often called human).

For the things umpteenth i am noticing don't all a certain it determined by materials values or money,  and don't ever seize somebody right/property in life this. Try to give their right, if we not able so don't problem increase and their suffering. Because everything that they will eat and they have done all at determine by money if at ask whence they get it? When all areas been Monopolize/Dominated by humans greedy, will starve for wealth and power. That cause below par again this nature life where is human by right so central mobile for smash social life order horizontal human


Invocation and peace for them woman and choice mother.

Many human trip at this earth life is good in form big also the so small a performance and or willing, Assumed a success and Be also group, By right very can not quit of mobile character a woman. Why do i say such, Because when do we want to realize how their share quantity in every this life side very seen clear by world and Be history witness. We take woman mobile character example very firm in accompanies the husband even the children, Sarah and Hajar they are wife from a spritual figure and A prophet sure very many trips that they have passed by with so that can and Can to be instruction guide for this life. I am sure that is woman figure second very known by entire humans at this world split. Sorry not here i narated history about Sarah and Hajar but this only be example. Queen Shiba or More knowledgeable by the name of balqis also figure a woman very wise and Can to be work friend from solomon prophet has alreadied increase again mobile character list a woman. Siti khadijah woman very intimate at we also are figure example a wife and A partner from the husband (muhammad) and Still many again woman examples that be leader for us especially for women at these century era. But why almost not heard again intensity, Strength and Motherhood they are in this time? or May be fall into oblivion by world? But for me the answer (never) and Will not ever finished to gulped time because for me mother very give meaning and Impression unlikely can at deny because they are existence a alive beauty touch, alive freshment, and be illumination light for the children. Then how also world feel existing women mobile character in this time? Answer it by right very depending from them self and our aid is also very man class  Influence the mentioned is fact. My message, try more again to want to give belief to woman or ourselves wife so that they step always in a condition sure and believe that by right their presence very is expected and supposed by this world.

Invocation Peace from me always for you choice mother


Untold how many they are that already ever lead country or this nation, and all leaders beyond question there that can to do the task as leader and there also that neglect the task to configuring something that has alreadied at promise by all leaders. Here i want to provide a basis for leader sentence with koran sentence (Caliph) caliph word is taken from headword Kholifatun, Kholafah khilafah that successor, router behind and porter a certain change. Of course that meant leader caliph within reason can to replace good something that. Sometimes only can to lead just without there who and what at lead it erudition. Ironically again leader mass now determined from wealth and friend quantities (wow). If like this then forever nation leader or country certain will have failure and destructions at one particular class also something that at lead it, because figure a leader is not can be determined only from outside it just even less only from quantity speak (Orator) by right that leader must aware and realize motivation / the intention to lead. Second a leader sure must has insight and vast  opinions (science) third, has taste sensitivity (substantial) latest, then physical a also must well leader (not absolute) well from fourth point then we look for and make whoever the candidate. If all leaders in all the world this want for cordiality gets with all the deficit certain seen proper and beautiful. Because if a leader always close self from his any person who leads sure can be obstacle in walk it a order. Even can be the leadership destruction trigger. Because with once he covers error and or the failure certain he thousand times will look for manner to cover it. Minimal with attitude admits surplus and get to whatever that self deficit can a little to prevent from failure and or destruction a leader. But that all will not ever walk when sky and earths can not bless it. Here by right Point importantest to realized by somebody that lead. Why do i not say direct God? because too noble He is for us bring in world game arena in this time, even less after ending of leadership time the messengers (Apostle) unseen by Him whoever this world leader that brings His science, His character, His instruction, that why do i not direct mention His blessing. and even so there only lips service doesn't leave from heart near with Him  

Greetings from me for all of us that still at give Him time

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