It is a human obligation to always be wise and in harmony with himself and socially even the environment. So it is definitely not possible to escape and forget its existence as a creature that indicates humans are better than animals or fauna that do not have a mind and heart. Therefore, it becomes important to recognize and empower the components that exist in the anus or ourselves so that they are right on target and effective as they should work. Surah Al-A'raaf [7: 179] "And indeed We made for (the contents of Hellfire) most of the jinn and men, they have hearts, but they are not used to understand (the verses of Allah) and they have eyes (but) they are not used to see (signs of Allah's power), and they have ears (but) they are not used to hear (God's verses). They are like animals, they are even more astray. That is the characteristic of those who are negligent."

Human work to be able to empower every component in himself to be better and work in accordance with the purpose of his existence which is often missed and considered trivial even not considered as important as life goes. Many people who only run or are carried out by their lives never use their minds to work optimally, only the smallest part of the nerves outside the human brain as instinct instincts of mere necessity, barely functioning mind and his heart while running a routine that basically really really requires all the components of our anus work.QS Al Furqaan [25:44] "Do you think that most of them hear or use their minds? They are none other than animals, even if they are more misguided than animals."

If you just rely on the instincts of creatures, what's the difference with animals or fauna ( an'aam )?, for example in terms of eating ( read QS 80:24 ) and working everyday that animals also eat and work according to their daily needs. So where is the difference or what distinguishes humans from animals? Associating and needing a partner, animals are the same, let alone desperately try only to have a home and eat, animals also eat and have their own place of residence. Who says seeing and hearing well again right is easy work! If it's easy, surely the mind will have the right reasoning power or not collision or contradictory like when we are walking, the one in front and the one behind support, so also when the hands are swung, beautiful harmony does not precede each other. The competition of life is used as a reason for humans to run their lives, animals also have competition, it is no different from humans. Moreover, proud and proud of something that is in themselves, animals also have.

This is the life of humans who had not yet received teaching and learning ( jahiliyah ) Lately, human life has returned to that period due to a mind that does not have the right knowledge ( haq ) and a heart that is not nuanced in afterlife. As if life is just mere world which gradually becomes like animals. Race and try to get out of its limits, learning and teaching become a means of raising the status of predicate and self-identity to become Arrogant in life and life. Not getting used to listening well before conveying, not knowing with experience that matches its existence. Making the experience of other people and evidence for his ego. Fooling yourself by looking for scapegoats or pretexts to copy, or adjust to life, is said.

Many of these human lives serve as examples of failure and devastation that are fatal to themselves and even the environment in which human beings end up being fueled by the journey of life itself and cannibalism from a seemingly empty or futile cultural order. Made of a robot or a slave to lust, the gentle egocentrism of the fujuro and the kafuro. Examples of Surah Qur'an: Huud [11:48] It says: "O Noah, come down safely and blessedly from Us for you and for the people with you. And there are also people who have fun (limited to the world) and finally they get a painful punishment."

Have we ever thought that the people above are human beings who have received knowledge from the Prophet or his prophet, even living together / congregating with their teachers, namely the Prophet and the Prophet! can be mistaken in living his life and changing his lifestyle that was originally guided as an example of the prophets of Noah ( Bani Rass ) and the people of 'Ad, the people of Hud, as well as his people of Thamud the prophet Salih and many more, all of whom are always taught and accompanied by the Prophet. So what about humanity today, which only has historical relics or history and knowledge that are no longer guided directly by the prophet or his prophet? this is the homework of all human individuals to always be careful and devout in learning everything they want to know. It is not enough to capitalize the opinions of others whoever he is and it is not enough just to see, hear moreover not directly.

Surah Al Qashash [28:78] korun said: "Verily, I am only given wealth because of my knowledge, and does he not know that Allah has indeed destroyed the previous people who were stronger than him, and had more possessions? There is no need to ask sinners about their sins."

Surah Ar Ruum [30:9] "Did they not travel on the earth and pay attention to the consequences of the people before them? these people are even stronger than they are and have cultivated the earth and prospered it more than what they have prospered. And they have come to them their apostles with tangible evidence ( bayyanis-tabayyun-bayyinah ). So Allah never wronged them, but it was they who wronged themselves."

Learn from the case of your life and the history of previous people so that reason and potential for reason work well, familiarize yourself with all the components and nature so that the sensitivity of the open heart and the sensitivity of the anus become ethical and aesthetic ( hasanah ) right again. No need to sue others in living life also do not need prejudice and estimates in dealing with all matters and problems, because it only leads to the futility of worthlessness and does not become a benchmark in fostering ourselves and empowering components that exist in us.


Greetings to all of us who are sensible and moral.

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