بــســم الله الـرحـمـن الـرحيـم


Greeting for us all.

Is receiving about story a Film have a title 2012 now glow being talked about by entire persons at this hemisphere. So i try to give also comment. 2012 now have come to spook by partly person and will be debate on the other hand there that consider Film 2012 doomsday and or where is earth will experience the extinction. That true question?

Or only a message that exaggerated, might also opinion by several one who consider capable self see future, can also message based on opinion expert technology science that try earth condition research in this time. Let us try to see Film 2012 from various viewpoint.

1. Comfort and Game. Just honest when we see from this aspect is clear certain we are all very comforted with Film quality. Where is effect and Film scene 2012 made considerably serious and involve various circle animator, editorial with producer and characterization professional. With voice booming and contrast a picture that produced by a camera, so want accuracy so much and taking accuracy every scene that. Try to compare with Film quality at our country each. So that objective see it to discharge your egoism and don't look at with aspect doesn't connected, mean only Entertainment / Games.

2. From effort side and demureness. Date 12 Novembers 2008 this Film is at release and at get ready so that proper for displayed and on view to front we. Will mean not as violent as you will see if they are in concerned at film doesn't spend the time and the sacrifice to make this Film is have a certain quality. Certain very tire and seize many attentions at moment Shooting Film goes on, it may be there between they are that experience dispute. I am sure all we know if producer Film maker 2012 this if make a story scene to made show that interesting can spend time 1 year even until tens years. Opinion from side point on and Throw away antagonism we are so that we don't commentate and or receive Film 2012 openair point 2.

3. From technology science side. It may be before this Film is made them try to contact expert scientist that splash at the area. If we see nature / earth condition in this time with damage quantity that at result from deforestation wildly and oil drilling not desists with existing elements taking insides also earth.

When does this then continuous so just happen reshuffle in earth that cause the happening of quake and or glacier before year 2012 or More. From year 2012. Isn't it true that with this description us can take lesson to be made input for us so that not at random and the optional towards this earth. Because this earth also creature that has limitedness to get every action that made human.

Film conclusion 2012 clear doesn't aim on disaster as a whole such as those which said in Al Koran and or books other. But resemble with history or Prophet boat story Noah.

Still many again sides that can we make to be made opinion in see, commentate and receive every matter especially Film 2012.

 Author by Fardhie.

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