بـاذنـك يـاأذن ادّعـوٌ رسـلـتـك( with Your Permission, O The Most Blessing, I started You treatise )

( peace be upon you ) السلام عليكم

Human beings are dimensionless, the human part of the universe, human beings did not escape its limitations. Created certainly has a purpose, for those who are still and always believe in the existence of God the Creator and Playground nature of the universe. But the modern era and the science that has been completely easy, it turns out there are also out there who think human beings are simply a product of the earth or occurred by chance alone. The excesses of the wild ways of thinking without coupled sense, or understanding has he felt, were finally out of the limits of humanity.

Blame or look for a scapegoat is the result of forgetting the dimensional limitations that are in substance indefinitely. Confidence is disrupted due to a mirage worldly, doubt something not yet known with certainty. Guessing and estimating results in seeing and hearing slip away naturally in regard it think and feel, whereas it is only prejudice that comes out of the childlike nature of man who always wanted to run wild until he realized as a result of freedom turns out he fell, and rolled in a muddy black hole.

Hardly believing in God the Creator again Reforming shipped lifestyle and their lives are apathetic, thinking all-round pragmatic eventually assume dogmatic a mistake, but sometimes a dogma to be the answer, or at least into a stand last in a limited way of thinking. When something can not be proved empirically and reality does not mean the existence of something that does not exist, or when something be a problem not found the real does not mean wrong.

Dogmatic Universally considered contrary to the word, but it is not right, as opposed to the actual Partially Universally. Dogma which means a person's belief in living life without always having to rely to an empirical values. Even more ironically appropriate empirical reality must be considered when it is not like that. One mistake when humans see empirically distant star looks small, whether it's in accordance with the reality ?, what you see is not real, that you suspect is not necessarily the same as reality.

The existence of something visible coarse eye is not absolutely determine its existence, let alone to negate and assume the existence of something when it is not in accordance with the view of man (empiricism). doubt is normal, but it should be remembered that exact science yet to be had. As already knowledgeable with good, then there is no doubt, though perhaps not in accordance with the empirical reality. Certainty is the conclusion of all the answers are in need of man, empirically, the result of a physical journey and discover the experience of nature, not necessarily the answer from a certainty, let alone be absolute.

Think-was only a method to undergo a process of human life, is not absolute in determining a definitive answer. but it is important and necessary to know: for what and why as well as useful resources. For example: Death. for what in Think? but a good attitude to take and receive it. Staring at the stars the sun is ignored, Bypassing earth forgotten graves.

From long ago humans always want to be separated from its limitations, this is an element of pressure from within which did have two elements, namely: The body and Spiritual, Physical and Metaphysical, the World and the Hereafter, Beginning and the End. When all this is forgotten then, nothing and no human will experience a saturation point, even a dead end in his life. This deadlock saturation and have been seen lately. Outside there are many of us who forget the two elements of a substance that is in her that seek compensation in various forms, both in the field of Scientific, Legal and Spiritual.

All of this compensation will continue and always run when life be regarded the same as Life, when the world was seen like a paradise hereafter. Capture the actual behavior never accept the consequences of a life, in contrast to live more substantial and essential. Unnecessary form but tried to be realized, which does not have a place considered to be housed and placed excessive.

Let the spiritual remains in place, and never embodied. Likewise the real in the human eye can not always be relied upon and certainty in determining an answer we want. Heaven and Earth must always be in place, Oceans and Mainland let it run according to nature. Needless to mind and any science in addressing this, not in order to excuse and seek answers in taking a decision, Live and Be assured, all these so-called Harmony, Beauty and Truth.

Greetings to all the creatures of The Creator who always Viewing and Awaiting the return to He.

Author by Fardhie Hantary

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