I seek refuge in Thee from the limitations of my oral, beg of pardon at Thy from words which lie


Religion is a noun, which is easily understood a little difficult for those who do not want to learn it. The question that often arises is: what the Religion ?, to what a religion ?. Language or religion is a Sanskrit word which means tradition or habit. In Religion within the meaning of the term Java is mostly Clothes. in the West-there they say Religion, in Latin religio, which all remain the same purpose and understanding. Religion is essentially derived or originated from the Creator God to organize and direct the creatures He has created with his own hands. But there is also a religion that originates from human (bottom-up), made-up by people who want to bring him to the Lord of life and life stylist. Religion can also be defined by: systems, rules and laws, may not all agree with this meaning (author version). Religions exist to regulate human relationships with God, relationships with fellow human beings and the universe for the sake of the passage of life on earth. Many analogies can be made to understand the religion, as an example which is often analogized as Clothing or other analogies as well as road / way to achieve a purpose and goals. In essence, religion is just a means not a goal, not the end of a journey, not a target of human life, nor is it the purpose of devotion / worship / worship a devotee of (human) to his Lord. Religion is growing rapidly at the moment and even impressed the wild, many types or forms of religion that made-up man who must be separated from the 4 major religion existing today, all the new religion was due to rapidly growing insistence / encouragement that comes from within the human caused a sense of curiosity, a sense of discontent towards life and even his life that has been formatted since by nature. If the intent or meaning of religion already well acquainted with, is actually no need to search for or create a new form of religion. If the course of human life on earth continues, it will be created much more religious forms. Not hard to mention religion, do not understand the weight of the existence of a religion, but not necessarily complete sense of curiosity of a human being whose name does not mean the desire missed a slave to the idol. Nor is stopped or human development to always make up He religion itself. What is the use of a Clothing if not able to cover and beautify the-wearer ?. What good would admit that shirt / Clothing / Apparel we are more beautiful or even more expensive than the other-when the owner of the Clothes never liked ?, like it too, actually religion that we profess. Everyone can feel good and accept the true religion that was followed, each of us must defend even maintain and believe that we embrace religion since from birth or after going through the process. If religion is likened to an analogy or the Clothes: Try to understand it that every Clothes definitely has its origins, has trademark. If Apparel is not clear whether the trademark it can still be said ?, Clothing can certainly answer, but if the original ?, majority said authenticity was essential, yet can be used. When two answers only to determine the presence of a Clothes then there is no problem. However, when tested quality and quantity, many Clothes do not pass the test, not from recognized, can not penetrate the market, due to not compete with brands that are well known quality and authenticity. As also assess if the religion which we profess analogous Clothing. Another analogy when religion is said road / way then: Many roads are passable, but if the path / way is already clear directions ?. Terms to be said Roads / Ways necessarily have to be direct, and guide leadeth, if the direction is not clear or it is not the name stuck, because not able to provide a solution, can not be directed to the-direction of the intended destination. Both need to think about the analogy above, need to be observed and need to be researched before Underwear or the road we use and we go through in life is temporary, transitory, relative and this mirage. If religion is like a garment, wear it! So as to cover, protect and beautify themselves. If religion in-analogy as roads, then Live the! up to destination in question, no need to argue religion who maintain the truest, the most good. More broadly Religion is a system of course must be able to organize, set up neat and harmonious human. If any religion is not able to regulate and organize the men to come to the true Creator, the religion makes no difference to the local customs, no different than the rules set by each state. While religion it should outperform the system, the rules and regulations of any shrimp, if religion was started / originated from God. Religion should be above any man-made rules, must be absolute, without any element of coercion. What is meant here is absolute: One example of a reflection of a true rule. Water, he will seek a lower place to be flowing, because the water may not drain anything or climb higher. Can not anyone change it, even if people try to make a hike or radiate upwards, then the water will still fall or drop. Another absolute example: Rising and setting of the sun, will never change, even with the help of any technology. Absoluteness is what must exist if religion is true and original nature that comes from God the owner, the ruler over all the power. In essence, the doctrine or religion is good, for goodness sake man set in order to build a strong mentality in the face of every test and trial or tried and tested for any man who wants to get the best spot or recognition in front of his Lord. God is absolute and definite, not directly and not have sanding, therefore the way, the rules and his teachings must be absolute and definite, for he who determines the road, way, or religious rules to be passed by his creatures to be able to guide us to get into the presence of the role model, the idol. From the past until now people always look for the best way in life, always trying to improve his attitude, from the time of Adam until now. Actually when repairs and looking for the best in life is not one we are looking for the best way in this temporary life. But if the need to replace it, think about it, because if we Apparel analogy as religion, we should also change-change ?, not fit we should replace every religion there is an error ?, every way and ever-changing search for other ways ?. In essence, the religion can not be analogous in vain, because if any discrepancy in our lives does not mean to switch back and forth manner or way, may be departed from ourselves that causes the mismatch. For example, always dissatisfied, always finding fault on the other hand, accept the good we think, and there are many more causes of such discrepancies, so it is not necessary to switch and swap our religion. This is a warning to us all, because the rapid advancement of human civilization that is not offset by the moral and spiritual strength that is good, it will keep popping teachings, the way even the new religions in human civilization. Basically the religion can not always be forced much less forced to accept the religion, because there will be excesses such as the above explanation will be passed away-adherents to the religion itself. Actually, we are also required for each to know, explore and learn everything even comparing before we make a part of our lives. Because if these things are absolute and eternal, so when wrong in choosing and making decisions will bring remorse for ourselves, either in this world to the eternal hereafter. Religion that we have adopted so far that we receive from the culture instead of our own will and heart, may alone for retrospect, it is okay to be explored further and it should be like that, to be accepted gracefully, with elements of love and harmony with guidance of the owner or the rules of the religion. If already in place, respectively, according to the rules if it is his, and appropriate His love, then we can organize ourselves to always directional, illuminated and enlightened attitude renewable even our lives, we can relate their realization and set it with fellow human beings, so is the application of these rules should be able to balance without forgetting the nature around us before it gets to the broader nature.


Greetings to all of us who are always traveling and abide by He rules.



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