Whatever and however something that is in the heavens and the earth it certainly has a history of events , respectively , must have a cause and wherefores , of course there are limits and size , even have a reason , to be able to embody its existence . Through the process for the sake of the process , stage -by- stage that must be passed is impossible not traversed by humans , from beginning to end , from predecessors to successors , from upstream to downstream , from the empty into shows , from not knowing to knowing , from childhood to adulthood , from life to the dead . Of all that exists and its existence in the know something to be missed , proven and accepted substantial and existential , both physically and spiritual , physical and body , body and soul . Without having to lie to , deceive and fool yourself , then it is definitely no answer everything , the answer must be adapted to the text and context of the case , like a step by step explanation of the above . It can not be denied , twisted and tucked , consciously or not , all the answers will prove desirable and answered itself . No need to bother , do not be pedantic, also do not need to be sneered snickered , because it would be redundant , would be in vain , if done by knowledgeable people again give science . Because everything is clear and explained , already brightly lit , had been there from the beginning all the answers we want, all desire to have been missed , all the demands have been fulfilled , then stay for? ... Then what can we do ? ... All ... this invidual passed away to someone . Nothing can justify any exception and justification however , the embodiment of the true and real . When humans had to force an answer without first proof is : " being stuck " , " foolishness that leads to apostasy could even be misleading and make the blind eyes of the human heart , cover up / lied / fool hearing that resulted inaudible well everything there before let alone behind them " . This is what we need to realize , it was noted gracefully without having to struggle much less force , it is honesty , wisdom , will certainly get a good knowledge of all things that will questioned/question . Here also the intention of the person will be known , whether good when say a kind word ? but deep down it means bad or mean other than the spoken ? Instead ugly or mean words other than what he said even though the actual good intentions at heart ? . Certainly very, very relevant to the science itself, it does not match the truth . Whatever that all existing provisions , had no information or real explanation for all human beings . The provision can not be violated rule , can not violate the origin , let alone laws of nature can not be wrong , because the earth rotates on its axis , the sky stretching is not without purpose , it's just not up to the human sciences like when the first man wanted on-month . Nature provides the answer , bring nature to inspire those who want to learn , can be recognized nature , nature is a place for all people . There is no single person on this earth before human nature precedes / start it . Because of the nature which is via , container / space then attend / creates time for fence off / restrict humans undergoing episodes of life on earth up to the next episode . This is just one container / vehicle / space given to the Creator of man. What about the wider container " store more knowledge / lessons / inspiration " . It would be in vain if the universe and everything in it can not provide an answer , provide an argument for anyone in need. The problem is people who make the limited facilities of this nature be narrow , be as visible round , be as stretched , as if the earth is not rotating , it was argued . It would be hasty and reckless man when told he had known of this nature , has been recognized and has been undergoing , how closely related humans and nature. So if you want to get to know ourselves more fully and correctly justify not based on conjecture and prejudice moreover estimates that could not be separated from the limitations of human , you should first try to indicate the nature and human beings , try researched more thoroughly , with a heart that is not mixed want recognition , not especially mixed with anger mixed with hatred and envy , merely want to recognize the sincere intention closer who we are and how his relationship with the universe . So no one around and blame others , do not need to look for scapegoats , to throw the weaknesses and errors on any person , the action will only hurt yourself and will never be a science all the learning outcomes that will teach us to give understanding and explanation through natural , through the impression , through writing can even go beyond the limits of human knowledge . When all the above requirements are met then it can surely find the path of truth , must meet with the All-True , it was not possible stray and get lost in the wrong way , the wrong teachings and confused by the act of the hands of ignorant humans . Human existence and nature of God's existence is already embody the stylist , God the Creator, can be recognized from the human form and natural form , can be found who the real bright spot of the Supreme He has everything many , what and how the path which he has given to creatures will be revealed . Many inventions to the world of the first century, this leads to one answer , leading at one point but never realized or may be deceived and covered by humans . But the truth would be lost because there is in human beings , there is in the universe and he already set , already he sure , and even then for people who want to care and want to learn through self- verse , through nature and through the book of guidance which He has sent down to us as the Directive Guidance which would Guiding life and human life .

الله عليم بذات الصدور
God really knows what is in consciousness ( heart ) us.
Author by Fardhie

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