None of the more famous world's versus Love, there's nothing more exciting than the wisdom in every human life events. In the unlikely event there's nothing that sets the universe and there is no Creator beings in each episode, It's for sure He will not be sought after and coveted all people, but because He has been set up to analyze and create without limits, It is appropriate that it was He who take precedence, He (الله) grew up and He ended all only to our trip, starting from the base layer of the earth first, up until her most recent highest sky clusters (العرش), all of them will refer and back to He. Love and Longing the first answer that could bring together we are He, Love that beautiful and capable of making good any charity mankind, Wisdom into a long story later in the life of the hereafter, the wisdom that makes the talks and meetings with He we become more attractive and viable for anyone in reference to be eternal life.

 A few Musing on this day. Greetings to all of us who still have consciousness and longing to be home (Eschatological matters).


Author by Fardhie Hantary 2008 - 2022