All human beings on the earth it will certainly never even often interact with one another, then it is definitely usual the interaction using the mouth, because the mouth is one of the means components on our bodies are most often used, knowingly or not humans must have had a dependency against his mouth. But have we realized "how very decisive and be an indication of a word that we will speak for the talk or Topical. Everyone must be able to talk and speak, but not necessarily any good and helpful. Many people are only able to speak and talk, everyone was entitled to do so, but few of them that have Topical in each of his talk. Moreover to observe and adjust every word he's saying. Almost no one caring about and consider it an important speech, and speechless. This is the condition of the world today, has become the habit of people to say and speak, even taking the Job be Commentators and observers, not quite up there is even a special study it because there is a school to become a Commentator and an Observer (Hemm) Why is it that I made the second Subject sample? Because they often use the word and the words for the talks. The question arises, whether the second Subject is aware of and understand what he is saying "or whether they have been research or prove of every word he's saying" If they had seen and thought about the impact of the words "or perhaps they did not know and realize that every word spoken is definitely having an impact that is so incredible" so did I write this article, to be made into consideration, at least in retrospect. The word is a testament, the word is any indication, The tool can be a reference in defining and deciding, also containing the power of Words, a lot of evidence has been attributed to the word or words that could make the words on the right to be wrong and vice versa, with the word one could It is believed and trust. Wise people certainly know how important a Word, every word spoken Word and sure to be a Statement in our lives, it should be careful to speak, consider first before speaking, prove and make sure every word will be the talks do not get into a pointless and nonsense, let alone cause and give rise to excesses that are not good for others.
Official Statement: "Everyone can say to the wise, but only few of them are being able to sensibly in said and responsible for his word".

Computerizeb by Fardhie Hantary


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