I take Shelter in God from word lie me, and I am Forgiveness request in You from my stupid .


Here I try to describe or explain to you-you all of the meaning of Togetherness. Why is the word which I discuss Togetherness? Because this word is always attached on each side of human life, if we never realize the importance of understanding the meaning of Togetherness, then we would never be able to launch any form of life in daily activity, why such?, Because the Creator (God) is also shared with man-servant. Please note that the meaning of words Together is not identical with the same / similar / like. So if God only with what we are as beings. Due to man is not alive if only himself, because self is not the meaning of life, sorry I took from one of the lyrics of my songs. (The Meaning of Life). So why still think self, Feel for your self, and would not care about the fellow who lain. If it still happens in the passage of this life, it will result and lead to failure for a Community / Group. Let me give an example:


1. "The movement of blood circulation in the human body and the harmony of all components would not be possible without the element of cooperation."
2. "Even in the running of the household, it is clear that you cannot think for yourself and feel alone, let alone feel the most ownership."

3. "Even so, in running the wheels of government, it is also impossible for those who are ruled and those who govern to think for themselves and feel alone."


The second example will be proof to us of the importance of mutual understanding Togetherness meaning, and many more forms of human community life is built does not correlating based, based Togetherness, would result and lead to failure, destruction of these communities. I remind you again that in walk it-the wheel of life in this world do not distinguish between under and on because the word is just a mere symbol, does not mean better on also no worse under because both are closely related in the passage of human life social communities. Honestly, I really can not understand still the existence of a State which set up the Society never bother about Togetherness, could even harm each other just because caused greed, and greed of human life. As if to its own without ever again want to realize that he has derived from the results of Stealing and take not the portions. Worse yet, it produces it says: It is Consequences of life. (Excellent). It's as if people feel legitimate just to do so. Where is our moral ethics as beings who actually have the Rules and the System that God has determined for all creatures. Things like this usually happen around the world (dangerous), said that he had is based caring and Togetherness, but in fact once again humans are always exposed to nature / the nature of Greed, greedy, and very stingy, unwilling to care even less to give. Thus, try to understand further the Meaning of Life can not be separated from our Togetherness as a creature creation. Try to apply, apply, prove that we still have moral ethics in wait to get to live a more sure and more Intrinsic.


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