I seek refuge in Thee from the limitations of my oral, beg of pardon at Thy from words which lie

Time will always walk the earth around the sun continues, year after year went by, that's a rule of nature that exist since the earth was created, the rule is raw and used as a reference in the life of human beings and other creatures. Regularity which turns raw still seen by some people is a matter of chance without having anyone to organize, considered the totality of the universe just a natural engineering of the universe. As they consider the big explosion just a coincidence without any intervention of God The Stylist (Al-Kholiq).

The mystery as a reason to consider the nature and its contents had been there so alone, even more ironically, caused the chain of life that has been lost deems proof to support the allegations and prejudices become true. Yet long before they suspect the mysteries of the universe, there is still a small mystery he had missed, namely the nervous system in the body, the harmony of each component that is in men is considered not answer.

Should be a reason the social life of humans and other creatures on earth that invisibility of disabled, or not in accordance with his personal expectations can to be taken into the wrong conclusions? Or blame the other party, then how to say this the right? And then invalidate the rules of the Supreme Stylists, can it be said fair? How can it be said to be unfair if everything according to his own personal whim? How can it be seen by her eyes when she herself blind eye to something? Not the fault of others or something that is in front of his eyes, but he himself did not use the components in itself to work well.

Lesson by lesson in life eventually lead one into another creature, personality is already out of the original form of understanding and ideology are confused, can make all of life and life is chaotic, as if out of sight, making the right to be wrong, and deny everything. Finally psychology or personality such as this will form a new culture, to build a social life in the long and dominate the whole area of transit, even this earth will be controlled absolutely.

Anyone human being must have the dimensions, the excesses of the meeting of two different dimensions are within one goal or trying synergistic, harmonious and harmony. Certainly not an easy thing, sometimes consequentially cause a lot of internal and external conflicts. Therefore man is considered the best and more distinguished than the other creatures that also has its own life. But when the different dimensions that can be united and drown as small as possible excesses of fighting a two-dimensional, then not only himself even other people and the whole earth can be reflected by the fruit of the achievements of a man who fought and against selfishness (carnal lusts) which is the biggest enemy of a person.

Sure you have a primordial thing if we should be able to direct and organize themselves to be better than before. No need any reason for it, is not a new ideology in order to understand this is not it? So why assume all wrong, and blaming the natural law of causality or the standard rules of the Creator? The phenomenon that occurs is not an absolute standard of reference to be used in determining the attitude, because it greatly affects the psychic person, whether the container is then let it produces little leakage in jars and water will seep out, even this has been understood by all humans on earth.

Was not long ago The Supreme I of God had already warned His creatures to always protect and keep one another. This also is not a command that should thrashing, because no harm would be even more wrong when it built its nest swarms should be alone, how ants cooperate so human in social life. This also everyone knew. So which is more reason to be a stumbling block in this life? Or is his time to say cover The Prophets to the whole religious community, because Muhammad (invocation greeting him) come to all mankind on earth without exception all of the contents are taken into account even this earth, as well as the sky.

So when ignored words, messages and teachings, or deliberately wasted it: "God who sends will provide calculations to decide who should be the fuel of Hell will be." If we are to contemplate and staring deep into each core of all things, then will we know this is her time. There is no shelter anymore, do not apply for any reason because it was closed by him, has been given the opportunity to man, then living is Seeing and Assessing, Whoever succeeds and who fails, Who are the winners and who the losers

 Author by Fardhie

اللَّهَ عَلِيمٌ بِذَاتِ الصُّدُور

Allah has knowledge of all the one in heart

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