Today, in this century, our country has come a long way, so far that it is no longer able to be followed and caught up by the majority of its population, let alone to be felt by people whose life line is below the proper standard, therefore I would like to invite all of us to remember the beginnings of this country. stands, or the history of our predecessors who fought to defend the sovereignty of the Indonesian people. What used to be togetherness is felt between one another. now it has started to create distances and gaps. Previously 80% of farmers and ordinary people who revived/prospered and protected this country, but now they have been forgotten, pushed aside and even isolated. Many of those who have led this nation have tried to rebuild but have been unsuccessful like their predecessors, even though the number of their predecessors was fewer than today. Our first president was able to liberate and fight for the rights of himself and others, in order to survive in the slump of colonialism. Countries that wanted to seize our homeland, which is known for its many natural resources, could enrich and prosper thousands and even millions of people. With the spirit of togetherness, our predecessors tried to rise and maintain it only with the spirit of unity and natural technology which is said to be ancient and left behind. considered useless by the modernization of the times, especially when compared to millennium technology which is also said to be advanced and modern, let alone prosper, maintaining existing ones is already incapacitated and overwhelmed. This is the indifference of those who run the wheels of government and the nation's generation towards the struggle of their predecessors who sacrificed for the next generation whose forerunner is us today. Previously the MPR or People's Consultative Assembly was upheld and enforced in making every decision and policy, then it was recommended by the Council representing the community / DPR, but now they all only represent groups and their personal interests can even be ordered and traded by investors. capital that only seeks as much profit as possible, over time the trade in basic commodities is all imported from abroad to enter the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia, so that the lifestyle of liberalism (free and royal) becomes a trend, is this how we defend people's sovereignty? Is this what our predecessors meant? Because of its liberalism at the top, it continues to soar, those below continue to be trampled on, which is able to continue to go fast, unable to be left behind, even being ignored and ostracized, the drops of sweat are ignored, the tears are unable to touch the heart, and are unable to inspire a sense of empathy. Our hope is only for ourselves and the next generation who are studying, learn all useful knowledge in order to restore people's sovereignty and prosper the earth we live in.


Below there is a special song for them the world's poor who are considered today as urban waste.


اللَّهَ عَلِيمٌ بِذَاتِ الصُّدُور

Allah sangat mengetahui apa saja yang ada didalam kesadaran(hati) kita.

Author by Fardhie

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