بــســم الله الـرحـمـن الـرحـيم

I begin with predicate and Your status is The most Gracious, The most Merciful. Greetings for us all that still given alive opportunity by The Creator to Potentialitation well all that he passes to the being.

In this article me want to share Phenomenon to us all in order to become input that can useful. Topicalitation we are this Reconcilement word. Where is word begun move to leave earth transitory this. Why do i say such, Because on the way human life in this time almost not again touch with word, Ironically every human life order in front of this earth likes to dislike to creating a Reconcilement, I don't know what because it, Is it possible that lost it word from this alive? or may be the bored human for harmonic alive in harmony with this nature? or may be human hasn't wanted to realize for the importance of a Reconcilement in walk it this life? or majority human really never detect, understand, realize Reconcilement word? clear that human life in this time want point so much. Reconcilement a word very simple practise but why not easy human to achieve it. Many why is human difficult to be able to According to Harmonicly in life only temporary terminal basin to can aim life more eternal and certain. By right a little answered why difficult human to has creatinged Reconcilement, two words exist in on can at make reference to creating Reconcilement condition. I am all of us sure certain know meaning or definition from second word, but i definition a little second word. According to can also at identical with word in parallel that same walk and walk herewith, be result from good cooperation in also applied the conclusion one unitary that can not be dissociated, according to also be implementation consequence from harmonization. Harmonic by right substantial answer from according to sure can not second word we keep away because harmony that play it in human self more has substantial. Majority expert language interprets second word same, but for me second word has difference and that even also live to depending you to distinguish and or equate it. So from definition we can get lesson to be made reference in creating Reconcilement. The simple answer if we want situation and conditions peace so make that is character in our life beforehand, before everything that we shall make target and or purpose, because only with know it up to be that character far better from in merely platitude and in vain. There is no our reason to says difficult creating Reconcilement, that even also if really true the human has realized, because a lot of obstacle that can. Make all a certain it not peace, I take acknowledgement example, In meaning wants to admit surplus and Somebody deficit really suitable to admitted, We take example most base. Adam and Devil, Second figure or Name very at know by human throughout this nature. I am sure all we know that be root of the matter between Adam with Devil. Can we see in mail Al Koran Al A'raaf verse 11 up to 13. Only acknowledgement problem portions imprecise and The proportion. Allah will say in angel will creating Adam, But unfinished Allah says eh, There that voice unstable and Very surprise angel, Never! alias“ will not ever i want prostration, Admit Adam, Because i felt better from in he”. Wow! clear Devil sentence very inconsistent and Harmonic with situation and condition moment that. Will sorry me will not flatten in detail, If want please read self. So verse explanation can make us to realize again every everything that we shall say before we make a action. By right very very easy when is human Egoism/Egocentric just not be domination in self, Whilst still that there in human self so difficult Reconcilement can materialized.


Best wishes from Fardhie.

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