I seek refuge in Thee yaa Rabb from the limitations of my words, and I ask forgiveness O The Forgiving of falsehood.

When a sense of Safe and Comfortable been missing from oneself, from the house to the Palace, of the Society to the Government, from the upstream to the downstream then: that the signs (ayatollahs) is already in-ignore, Sunnah definitely walk, Nature will react, Human entirely will experience the chaos and turmoil, the earth shook, a civilization on the verge of collapse, will be swept generation destroyer, so was born a generation that is able to create peace and a sense of peace Safe again (for reconciliation) to himself, his family and the surrounding nature (Quran Surah Hud [11] Paragraph 88).

  Has become imperative for humans to be clicking secured and freshen up, reconcile and preserve the continuity of the mercy for (reconciliation), both individuals and groups, individuals and globally. Aligning each utterance based on a true guide, and straightening action based on moral beings (akhlaqul karim). Having a humanitarian nature that should be aware that: Creator (Al Kholiq) and creatures can not be separated, the implementation in the world as a means of acquisition by the life that is peaceful and full of His grace in a world of eschatological matters until later.

Signs are actually always there and present in every human life both in themselves and the environment, and the universe. Should bring in schools that form our character and personality leads to Goodness (hasanah), truth (Haq) and peace (reconciliation). Actions (deeds) which has become our obligations every man to always Fairly and Proportionately to anyone without regard of race, culture and geography. The cornerstone of justice is a reflection of a person who is aware of himself is the object of the Supreme Subjeck, who understand the function and present why he created earth.

  While the hope of forgetting and ignoring its obligations as a man of God fearing and always faithful over again validates the truth. Imaginary prolonged even out of his body uninhibited wildly out of control, resulting in buried his virtues are more noble in human self which calendar (QS. The Fig [95] Paragraph 4-5).

The futility and breaking the rules or provisions that are already in-charge The Creator to His creatures and the whole of nature, when the book of His in-clash with the laws. Properly aligned and consistent, because His verses never contradict natural laws, causality God Starting and Ending ( Al-Zhohiru wal Baathin). Almost all of His properties He has manifested to mankind from Adam to the current generation. Heavens and the earth there is always a manifestation of His mercy, always provide the answer to the questioning or who have problems, always present for those who yearn to be the One Supreme Eternal and missed Him.

  To be able to taste and acquire all of His manifestations is desperately needed: Concern, reasoning power (sense) and the sensitivity of taste (ideology). Be aware and able to understand that: He is close to His servants, He even care for all creatures both in the heavens and the earth. All the solutions and answers that have been written, ranging from Shuhuf or sheets Ibrahim, Torah of Moses, the Psalms are there to David, the Gospel that always underlies Jesus Christ and the Koran that justifies all of us-the book of Allah which He has sent down to the man His final prophet, namely: Muhammad, invocation as regards to them all the prophets and apostles of God.

What is causing the current human distracted and enchanted by the beauty of our world, deflected by slander and opinions / responses are not clear, obey and comply with the desires or the desire / willingness blindly from inside and from outside parties. The answer is none other than the rights studies, and the cornerstone of thinking, feeling and say clearly again was based on the guidelines, the guidance of Allah Al-Hadiy.

  Already a certainty and the sunnah of human life is always repeated start of the Bani Rasib who deceives and disobeyed the prophet Noah, the 'Aad haughty and arrogant towards the prophet Hud, the thamud who have been given guidance but deniers prophet Sholeh, and residents of the country Thicket who ignore and tried to evict the prophet Shoaib, all the families are headed damage and even destruction of the order of life and the lives of all the creatures of the earth. Actually, the circumstances now approaching the people who go beyond, breaking the rules and ignore warnings.

Repeatedly God the Giver of guidance has been said and gave lessons, but unfortunately a bit of a man who understands the appropriate guidelines which have been set out in his book. as a result of not taking science with a good and righteous, contradicting every word in the Qur'an, and the skeptic words and statements God of Allah Al-Mutakallim and opted word and statement of ordinary people that all these statements only based on estimates and prejudices alone.

Quran surat Al 'An-aam: [6] verse 116: "if you were more to follow is most people this earth, ye went astray from the Path of Allah, because they all, just obedient to his prejudice, and suspect the mere thought".

  Starting from speech or speech that is not based on science, and then try to preach deliver the results that the initial intention of plagiarism were not for giving lessons, and also not due because he wanted conveyed the good news. Too many people are like this, very little is shame that it silent because illaab tighaa-a wajhi rabbihil-a'laa (the koran Surah 92:20). "There may be a parasite living on iron", "What can illuminate only the ever shining within him", which is able to go against not the words of a liar, but the true anymore piety ".

When we look at the current world situation and condition, if at all able to catch the wisdom behind the sentence and events. The world today is actually closer to the Sunnah of the above, the clans that have no shame, people who never will be grateful and more inclined towards infidel or unbeliever, always argue or debate based on job title, playing in the statement and ostentatious in life, but it is very easy to forget the blessings that God has given them.

  Could walk over coals, can be accommodated rain in taro leaves, this sentence illustrates the human condition and the world which is said modern. Many consider this illustration may be possible only by some parties, but that needs to be remembered: "No one survived when under the narrow circumstances, it's impossible to create a safe situation and condition more peaceful when human ignorance and kufr or infidel. Nothings five glory of the world that some people if it reneges on the favors of God, let alone to dare to tell the truth despite saying essentially that the uninformed and unaware of what he was saying".

Actually, much can be written but the author felt there was no better in a sentence stating that a warning unless the Word of God. Ahsanal Hadith of Allah is a guidance, mentor and guide of human life. Last words: 

اللَّهَ عَلِيمٌ بِذَاتِ الصُّدُور

.Allah is well acquainted with all the one at-heart


Author by Fardhie

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