Intellect and Heart are the means or components that exist in humans to direct and guide to ways and ways of life that are better than creatures before humans were created, if it were not for these Minds and Hearts there would be no reason Allah Al-Kholiq created us, because it was already many creatures before the children of Adam who have filled the universe and are considered to have failed to direct and guide themselves let alone be demanded to protect and inherit the earth as intended by the Creator of the universe.

Because of the intention of the Creator to continue His program, He also creates a special and moral creature and has a means of infrastructure in him that is far more superior to any creature He has ever created, the best creature is none other than An-Naas or human. What and why are humans said to be best and perfect by their Creator? Because important components in humans such as reason and heart. With this means humans are expected to life their lives better and more organized than previous creatures.

It is very, very important that the arrangement and education are expected to be able to guide and guide humans to a paradigm that is better and more effective and efficient. Inevitably it has become an individual or person obligation to be able to use his mind and heart in harmony with his life on earth where life on earth is a bridge to the next life.

Can humans go through life without having to use their minds and hearts? Of course you can, just as other creatures ( an'aam ) animals and plants live their lives which are already determined to be static forever. While humans have components that demand to be dynamic and static, mono or stereo, singles and even duos, therefore humans are made caliphs or leaders or better substitutes in all fields and lines of life.

For the sake of the continuity of his race or group ( the children of Adam ) even the continuity of nature and other creatures the Creator has equipped us with chips where the chips can bring instructions and guidelines to us, as well as God ordered humans to take lessons, research and research more deeply challenge the creation of the universe and its ornaments. How rash if humans are not wise to run their lives to be aware of and care for their anus and the purpose of the creation of earthly people.

Careless or hasty ( عَجَل ) has become human nature Quran Surah Al-Anbiyaa' [21:37] "man was created in a hurry" So is QS Al-Israa '[17:11] "man prayed which evil as he prays good. And man has become his nature in a hurry" Even it has become a hobby or a human favorite to rush to read for yourself Quran Surah 17:18+75:20+76:27 ( الْعَاجِلَة ).

From the data of the verse, we can conclude that: Haste or rashness and hurry have become possessive of human beings or have become the nature and character of every human being. So it has become a consequence that every individual must always maintain himself to be able to avoid these traits. Because the nature or character is working on the self because the mind does not reason properly before being sent or plunged into the heart which will later be processed data into a premise decision or ideology. It can be ascertained that anyone is human when everything that is seen and heard is directly made into a decision or understanding without going through a process of reasoning, it must be mistaken and will cause confusion in attitude and take every decision.

Whether or not a human civilization goes on and on depends very much on the ability of the intellectual that rationality of a person to reason all events outside and inside him, to all the events that have happened and are happening or will happen. A lot of history since from era to era until this day is caused by stupidity or ignorance of the destruction of a nation and human paradigm and will always happen if humans do not use their minds properly. Where might there be a strong understanding in which the understanding or ideology in the heart can survive well to fortify human beings from the nature of the truth (QS asy syams / 91: 8).

Then stop foolishness or first relegate our mind to everything that we don't know or have not been infantile or clear. Start by building and nurturing yourself to be able to become a strong personality with moral values. Stop the skeptical and apathetic nature or character or mere prejudice and presuppositions (QS al an'aam / 6: 116). Stop from laziness to think and open horizons to add good insight into consumption and nutrition in our brain. If our mind has worked and reasoned well (ulul albab) then (tafaqqohu qolbi) understand in the heart will definitely be easier.

Quran Surah Al Hajj [22:46] "then do they not walk on earth? Though given to those hearts with which his mind works or with his ears he listens to what he hears? Know that the blind is not a vision (ideology) but the blind is the heart in the chest."

Quran Surah Al Furqaan [25:44] "Do you think that all of them are listening or using their minds? They are nothing but animals; they are even more misguided."

Derivative pronunciation intellect as a whole there are 49 word usage in the Qur'an, and the sentence "afala ta'qilun" there are 14 word as an example of reading the Quran Surah Al A'raaf [7: 169] "........ isn't it the Torah covenant? has been taken from them, namely that they will not say against Allah except the truth, even though they have learned what is in it? And the land of the hereafter is better for those who fear. Then do you not use reason?"

Ali 'Imran [3:65] "O People of the Book, why do you argue against Abraham, when the Torah and the Gospel were not sent down but after Abraham. Are you not using reason?"

When viewed from the use of pronunciation, it is very, very important to be able to empower the function of our reason or reason to various things in life before we conclude and take a premise. If only we realized how very much determined a belief and a broad understanding of the human ability potentials his mind to always think before making decisions in every affair, because if we misunderstand the basic premise in thinking it will result in confusion and chaos in man and his life, of all things that have been thought out well should be displayed and made the prime cause in doing and acting.

There is no utterance that becomes learning, it is impossible even to have a solid teaching without a foundation of reason and heart. Not being a perfect human being if we don't recognize the potential of every component in us that God has given humans to always be in tune and in line with His instructions that have been compiled since the creation of human beings, for and for the actualization of anfus infrastructure in undergoing its test until it is feasible and deserve to be called a taqwim human, perfect for our complete fulfillment in the universe until the episode of life on earth is finished and continues the episode of eschatology life.


Greetings to all of us who are sensible and moral.

Computerizeb by Fardhie Hantary

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