بــســم الله الـرحـمـن الـرحيـم



Very often wrong human in takes attitude or evaluation about something that happens in nature. I don't know intentionally or really will not the know it human itself nature character. Message and news always heard about disaster and nature damage all the that is never complete to at understand by human that this transitory earth. Why there when must nature must innovate self? While that nature also creature that has limitedness to accommodate and get to whatever, so properly when has he repair and do self revolution by the alive continuity and entire creatures that live and stayed under the sun this. So if we have taked all that he has done that be disaster, so we must ready also for our self introspection, why do i word such, because when does this nature angry so there is no other reason but error existence in human, so that he acts to, so that this human can change and aware from idiocy and error that already us make. When does just that error then happened beyond question also then act nature, fair not? Be our consequence and this nature is to always according to and In line with rule (Sunnah) that appointed by the orderer and great world nature Creator (الخالق / Al Khalik) when does human always act and make that can pollute this so beyond question there excess not stabil in this nature. A lot of gap or why does this nature fury / angry. If we look at in all the world this almost everything batural resources exploitation, with technology science reason. Surprisingly again why does technology science that reference in make such? What with our technology science alive? or is science technology that restrain our self? Clear not. There is no error in when does just still in harmony with universe. But when againts with him so beyond question a big error for human and will cause the happening of shake / fluctuation, may be this is always said by human with disaster. Who says every our deed there will be no excess in this nature? Clear very related tight. And who says that configuration human (Country, Nation) also can not cause excess in nature. Configuration wrong  nations moral and greedy  human position also will be universe attention. Even figure presence a leader that will move also will be reflection for this nature. I am world sure all know if insides when does that leader figure ugly, and always make without clear guide, (Namrud, Pharaoh and Abu Lahab and still many again) here leader figures that can cause damage in nature and human. My message" Honest in your self is when that is really wrong, and soon atone, do minimal repair in our self before does repair in what and whoever. Try and always try for wise in take wisdom,philosophy from every deed. Because only with wisdom and our fear can always in line with nature and will anticipate our self to will not fall to in ruthless deed that will see our self to indignity Valley (Hell).



Author by Fardhie


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