Jihad is the word most often debated, questioned and made a scapegoat. Jihad, not the term of human culture, not a word as the word Jihad-words on a tribe or nation, Jihad is a term in the text of the Qur'an and Arabian designation which is the word of God to man. Of course if it would be hasty when talking about Jihad not know the etymology of the word, because the word is not a human language, but the word of God which will be a guide, mentor and a lesson for all mankind. Jihad (جهد) which means according to the dictionary: Trying, Acting with earnestness, Fighting. This is the meaning of word definition Jihad which has been used as an excuse to do something. Keep in mind and rethinking "Koran down in two situation conditions or two conditions: Mecca = Period before moving, situation conditions ignorance and learning time / receiving revelations from Gabriel. Medina = The period after the migration, and the establishment of the rule of law, the completion of the learning process conditions to Islamic ignorance. explanation only outline only to explain the fall of the Koran. Secondly it should also be remembered that the Qur'an has many meanings though the word course, this verse is called muhkam‚t-mutashabihat (QS 3/Ali 'Imran paragraph 7) and image (QS 30/Ar Rum verse 58). This is the excess of the level of the Qur'an and its verses contains extensive or multiple meanings never tire to be studied, which is not exhausted stricken times. then it is necessary to further explore our wise appropriate portions and proportions fall of paragraph so that no one in the application and understanding.


Back to the subject of Jihad (جهد) see the fall of paragraph (situation or classified into the group again what and how) step by step downs word is very important to know. Let's take the example of usage word Jihad (جهد) in Al Quran surah Nahl verse 38 16/An: ... وأقسموا بالله جهد "They swear by Allah solemnly (جهد)". Is there any significance / meaning of this verse nuanced war? or can nuances other than earnest?. This verse was revealed in Mecca situation and conditions, and for me this verse paragraph muhkam classified types, can not look for another meaning or no meaning at the turn. Another example Surat an-Nahl verse 110: ثم إن ربك للذين هاجروا من بعد ما فتنوا ثم جاهدوا وصبروا إن ربك من بعدها لغفور رحيم: Then the Lord really has ... (protect / save) those who had emigrated after the slander (trials), then did they strive and be patient, it will actually come after the passing of Mercy and Compassion of your God. This verse is very significant substantive (in) but it does not mean too broad or breadth, the friends one person or commentators regard this verse mutashabihat, where they consider this verse mutashabihat? see my translation ... (protect / save) while no one word that can be interpreted as the cage in, then through what they could interpret that? Sure through the context of the verse as a whole to form sentences. Second course through history and other data, well this is where the role of the scholars who Saheeh hadith, also through historical research experts.


But this is not the way that everything, in the most easy and simple but not too far out of line, would have to pass a language etymology (science grammar) is more appropriate because of its portion. So where significant Jihad war? nah luu luu contact confused? Jihad connotes war or fighting all in Medina, where the situation conditions only when there is a step by step its corresponding Sunnah of the Prophet. And that's not because of pain, not the offense caused personal ego, nor because life was about to usurp the rights of others, but there is a clear mission and vision, straightforward and right above the base / foundation of the Qur'an is the Book of Allah and is the guidance of the Prophets of Allah . So when and how can the meaning of Jihad in the war?. certainly should conform itself Sunnah (read history when the war) or through the words of Allah in the Qur'an refer to the letter 2/Al Baqarah verse 190 +193 (condition) 4/An letter Nisaa 'verse 76 (terms and conditions) and many further terms and conditions. Such terms and conditions as above not because of ego group especially personal ego, but for the sake of Allah and Enforcing Hujjah Islam, in a way that is wise, prudent or fair terms and Wise Koran, that all was not independent of ourselves, through what, with how what we learn and educate themselves to be said that human has a good disposition, in accordance with the guidance of the Islamic way, certainly through the instructions and guidelines of the Supreme I (إله) of God is One (أحد) instead of the words of others, instead of recognition of most people, not worldly assessment, also not the opinion of ourselves, let alone other people's opinions on unfounded / based on the Qur'aan and the Sunnah of the Prophet. Jihad (جهد) lafadzh / she can enacting meaningful and spiritual, arena / field two-way game "Substance and Existence".


Jihad/Defender of the faith / Jihad (جهد - يجهد - جهدا) from 36 verses and 19 mail at Al Koran consists of 9 verses of Mecca 27 verses of Medina righteously comprehended and at understand to be also instruction for Islam people. Because explanation, interpretation of wrong causes confusion in our self and entire peoples at world. This word often time is made reason and backs of people who admits to believe in to Allah. While is not as easy as explanation which during the time understood. Al Koran will be guide of instruction of our alive under the sun also at hereafter later. Defender of the faith / Jihad that struggle, try to make very seriously never quit of word of migration and belied. Will mean to migrate beforehand new can be said Defender of the faith / Jihad. Has also rule Jihad, customs and manners Islami not by our own even less only importance ego a moment and offended to put us from misconception will i shall exemplify the verse. Al Koran of mail 25=Al Furqaan verse 52 at this verse. Will be said Allah don't you will follow manner, unbeliever rule of people who, and struggle at road of Allah with guide and instructions of true (Al Koran) that's lofty struggle. At sequence this first is just of Allah has putted us for Defender of the faith / Jihad. Al Koran that be guide not human anger. Necessary i remind again period go down it Al that Al Koran based on two times that is Mecca and Medina. Example other meaning from Defender of the faith / Jihad can we see in Al Koran of mail 35=Faathir verse 42 that with full strength, with seriousness. There example very good to done Al Koran of mail 16=An Nahl verse 110 said Allah of people who of Defender of the faith / Jihad of course migrate after they put to a test (ordeal) with and bear with. All that done to look for attention of Allah غفور رحيم (Ghofuru Rahiim). So doesn't look for wealth even less only in search of scapegoat stills many again examples about Defender of the faith / Jihad at Al Koran if we want to give time to study farther before we make and act.


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