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Greetings for us that still to admit the creation The Creature.


This time I wanted to convey a difficult thing to be said with an inscription or the words, because the subject that I will pour intricately linked with our daily lives. But once I try to make the topical order and easy to understand. I prefer / like to say point with Indefinable term (something that is not revealed or perhaps deliberately not disclosed). Because every living thing must have had a substantial acquisition respectively. Departure of human life in living things in this mortal world, I'm sure many already Impressions / Messages / Feelings (Acquisition) is obtained every human being, but I am sure, that it must have all things that are considered by humans "Pleasure" and Happiness. Sorry, I will not limit only in the form of material, but more than that. Due to the delight that people on this earth vying to look with all sorts of ways as long as it can get. Maybe for human partly all sorts of ways, one of them at the expense of others, or may sacrifice her own identity, possibly with a very immoral way. That is definitely going on by humans try to get delight even beyond the lines of demarcation that has been determined. Many terms caused by delight, one example of that term: Never will I die before get delight. Another example: While still living, then given the chance to have fun, and many more terms that have been created by every individual human being. Surprisingly again, if there is someone / a group of humans, life is not so cared delight, then this earth would say: "Stupid maybe even Crazy" (Hemm). So many forms of enjoyment of life in this world, which is actualized or expressed by man in every way to express it. There is also a pleasure to actualize the same way, how does he get it so well he scatter its. And almost no one human being on earth who does not know how to express pleasure, provided he is actualization own or perhaps with the closest people. (Private). Well .... We come to the main discussion, actualize pleasure to all living beings and to all the people of this earth. So if this is required, I am also certain people have ways to avoid it for pleasure that he considers the property is not to be distributed to the other (Hemm). This is what I'm saying with the term Indefinable, so difficult and almost no people on earth. We take the simplest example of it "When people receive the benefit / success would silence him, but once he got the loss / affliction then surely man scream until the end of the seventh heaven. There emerges the question: Why? And why is it difficult to share the human Other? But why do we ease the distress to grieving ourselves? How big is the ego self is this? For me, this is one we think of public relations for nature in this mortal life. Actually there are many more forms yet another Indefinable times I just presented in the form of Pleasure / Happiness.

See you in another episode Greetings from me.

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