Before entering the theme or subject of the need to author underlines words used in the title or topic: Sod the basic premise of thought or thinking foundation to draw conclusions / understanding. Why the author prefers the word ideology instead concept? because it is the talk concerning substantial / metaphysical namely God. Certainly not relevant when using the word concept, because the concept was only allowed to or belonged to something related to the material / physical. As usual when we want to set up or establish a concept of building the necessary word or the right to use. Usually the word concept is used when no planning or work. We do not currently work on God, we are no longer to design and plan of God. Therefore, the authors prefer the word ideology that is appropriate for use in this discussion.


When we talk or discuss the concerns / related to the Godhead can not be removed from the premises or early grounding in making a conclusion: First you need to be a reference is a human, the second is the law of nature, because the rationale or foundation must be proved at least approaching or does not violate existing rules. This approach writers use the word because that will be discussed is something that is beyond the reach and unlimited by thinking itself, let alone only a thought of a human being is limited, which is why I use the word approach. However it also needs to be underlined by no means out of the rule is the human connection or relevance and circumstances or the universe. We created a parable with: "Being, Essence and Existence of something, such as examples of" human beings do not turn into a monkey, or vice versa ". The sky turns into the earth. Human form or a form of perfection would require each process but do not run away from rules / portion like a caterpillar turns into a chrysalis perfection of his form is a butterfly, not a bird. Mosquito larvae turn into not chicken, because that is what the process of butterflies and mosquitoes is different from the human process. All have their own process is what I call not against the rules, the existence or nature (law of nature). So this is what underlies all rule initial thoughts of a man when he wants to know and understand God. When we do not underlie our thinking would be very, very potentially out and ran from the rules / portion being discussed. As an example of a sentence that came out of the rationale: "No endless" "There will never be finished." This sentence was forced out because they were widened or expanded and run away from or have violated the rules of empirical and logical thinking ,. While life has space in order to limit everything that is inside the room. It is not necessary and is not useful issuing the sentence "No inexhaustible" "There will never be finished" while we want and agree to be completed at least finish something a wedge, questions and problems in every life we've been through any of that. This often happens in human life caused by something that was no longer able to be digested and understood by every individual. The dogma of necessity and finally talk when everything is out of the rules and empirical. Again not proportionately and proportionate, supposedly we as humans say better than "animal / an'aam". So where again the difference between humans and animals when it makes way and the animals as the foundation of human life, let alone to think no human should have the power of reason and thought even consciousness (shudur) above the average of other creatures. Free is the nature of the beast (An'am) nonhuman (ill-fated), free unlikely Even if we are forced to be used into the life (lots of examples result was so freely). Freedom belongs to a nation that contains a moral creature. Freedom to say that there should be a continuation of freedom can not be stopped, freedom from poverty, freedom from occupation, free from compulsion and not freely without rules. Do not release the text and the context in every sentence and word and the subject. When we got out and ran away from the rule, null and decent man said moreover to talk and discuss the Lord. We often see and hear the discussion forum held from the discussion around to the Religious Belief, but all of them do not lead at one point because 'it is not for uniting these points, let alone to equate ideology. Although the discussion could find even point could unify ideology if we all dare to accept it gracefully honest without struggling. Each of us must have felt to have principles and ways of thinking, but that does not mean they pleased and as we like to think, there are terms and conditions that must be met, there are steps and processes that must be passed for the mind can be and understandings. Each individual should ask himself all things to be discussed and which will be Topicalitation, before taking and decide, before becoming principles and beliefs that there are no doubts that create confusion and getting lost. I'll take an example before God made the discussion / Topicalitation. I started from: "Who is God" "Why the Lord said" "What and how God". The answer is never widened or out of Ideology Deity is not are creatures and not answer begs the question. Answer firm, clear, straightforward and even completed in accordance his subject, do not add and subtract. God is ..... (version author The Subject ...) is not expected .... These points I demonstrated by copyright, power, beginning late. And when God we say or conclude as objects are created, can you? Or it fair? and is it true? answer back to the terms and rules of the corresponding portion of his suite his existence and the law of nature in accordance examples above without breaking the boundaries and conditions, do not invent, do not need literature, nor is the concept of fantasy bathtub the land of fairy tales that never existed, not a picture-man like Superman the fly just happen in the world of children's games. Remember topic is God Almighty not as great fantasy that never proven empirically and nearly made humans amazed and stunned the lethal potential of sense. Analogy may be made but not the analogy of humans and other creatures. Please create a concept but not violate the existing rules (law of nature). Limitations inevitably accompanies but not a reason to accept the evidence and historical facts even existence through the universe that everyone clusters neatly arranged, as appropriate, aligned and parallel to the shaft, the place, the time that all of us see and feel everything in the universe He created the universe , When humans and all sophisticated equipment could not prove it does not mean anything researched no tub months before and after discovered and researched by those who never been there. Do not be deceived existence of something due to the limitations and human obstinacy to be able to receive and answer anything you want to know. All existing, all have available, all living humans run and play in accordance identity and existence as well as a creature like other creatures, but still there were researched sprawling and still many mysteries, but not covering the contents-in man if only man would use aqal and reasoning power to be able to touch the storage container Qolbi understanding in order to become strong beliefs and irrefutable. Ideology can only say, Concepts and Hujjah. If all of the above explanation has been understood and incomprehensible appropriate place, time and the existing system, in fact anyone can surely take the same conclusion, which gives the sense of a right answer, obviously more sturdy tubs towering mountains plunging to the bottom of the earth to heaven. Greetings for us who want to realize and turn-by-watering container aqal potential arid to return to nature as creatures God of Allah Al-Fathir.

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اللَّهُ عَلِيمٌ بِذَاتِ الصُّدُورِ


Author by Fardhie