الــســلام عــلــيــكــم

(Heart touch via Al koran special nuance Ramadan)

I want to submit to us all especially Islam's people to be more meaning from Fasting/Ramadan (يصوم - صوما - صياما) Word Fasting or صياما only 11 just in Al Koran that consist of 1 mail Makkiyah 5 mails Madaniyah 1 verse Makkiyah 10 verses Madaniyah. صياما/Fasting that: hold back/cutting corners. صياما by right be censistence from Allah for human. Mail most often we hear or read mail's Koran Al Baqaroh verse 183-184 (2:183-184). According to sunnah apostles/prophet a lot of kind صياما that can we do to like صياما David prophet and Solomon, and there also version a mother / woman likes Fasting Maryam prophet's mother Issa can you read mail Al Koran Maryam verse 26 (19:26) be said that Maryam do صياما / Fasting because Allah. Maryam has vow / willing that be condition from the will (, has child. Maryam here hold back self to doesn't speak. Example other intimateest at Islam's people صياماu Ramadhan that hold back everything in very suffocating / hot. Can be studied via Sunnah prophet Muhammad, where does that time Islam's people being bumped into difficult time / famine final apostles commanding to friends, Anshor,Muhajirin do system economizing (صياما) and still many again examples صياما Koran version. From second example we can conclude / point for us make standards, base we do صياما, how the gooder again we want to separate out time to study farther word صياما existing insides Al Koran therefore be manner very effective in anticipate our egocentric appearance in interpret صياما, by watch over so that not differ / broken slit it Islam's people's comprehension towards ready made something that censistence for us that wants to do صياما the good to be more deepen again existing meaning in صياما. By right from mail's Koran Maryam that is our just can conclude to soon we are application in our life everyday. Many matters or deed that must it we can to hold back / cutting corners, so that escaped human from greedy character and not receptive deficit, on the score of that's why does Allah teach to human to صياما. There question other: why is what happened? in Ramadhan. Ramadhan itself mean suffocating / hot. صياما we do in condition like that so that more put to a test we are in do صياما. Only just again exactly situation and conditions in this time we do صياما in always go down rain, almost at some years lately always go down rain in Ramadhan (strange) when during the time we do صياما only hold back just thirsty hungry although that not wrong, but that is beginning stage from meaning صياما. What to us hold back thirsty hungry? or are there value / wisdom,philosophy that we take away from to hold back thirsty hungry taste? the answer there, and can we make wisdom,philosophy's values in life we, are because hold back itself hungry taste can be made as tool test our taste's sensitivity towards our something that is consumption for this body. Although really only limit of physical / just body but can cause not congenial, brutality's loss in our self, when our something that eat to come from wrong, even less by wrong. Hold back thirsty hungry also can we make tool for taste's increase thank God us towards all kind of taste that already Allah has passed to us, example try to do صياما or hold back thirsty hungry taste during one successive weeks and feels the influence in physical we, when during the time we always consider to eat and drink that only usually just so so value very incredible, and make us aware how still their quantity poor not can to fulfil the need everyday, sometimes they eat only 3 times a day, 1 time one week, even only just eat absolutely. Well that way we fairer again in shall participate for our self and will can to separate out right for them poor. By right still many again value and wisdom,philosophies that can we take and we pick then we are consumption for alive and our lifes.

با لله الـسمـيع الـعــلــيــم
Together with Allah of listener learnedest

Greetings from me Fardhie

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