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بــســم الله الـرحـمـن الـرحيـم

Give her good wishes we are all. Title or This topic THE QUESTIONS OF THE DEVIL. Before enter in article topic, i want to draw lines to direct beforehand so that can objective under consideration this, try to open heart and your explanation. Not matter foreign for sentence mankind Devil / Prince of Darkness. Because sentence always at make scapegoat every Error form, Ugliness, Crime, Rebellious and Insubordinate.



Initially he was one of the most knowledgeable and cleverly servants of Allah in sky, so knowledgeable and clever he was able to debate the Supreme I of all who have me, namely Allah (Q.S Shaad verse 38: 71-83). It is none other than the Devil whose name was given to him, which with his knowledge and origins, he received a new title, Devil name ( Azazil ). I was so knowledgeable and clever that the story about Azazel or Lucifer was written by many literary experts, philosophers, Sufi circles and other religions, even in the old and new testament books also contained his story with a different name but his figure remained the same.

Immediately, we are at the core of the title above because we are not discussing the history and the existence of Devil or Satan but rather telling about the ability and depth of nature behind the statement or question.


-"When He created me according to His will and desire, then why did He burden me to know and obey Him? What is His wisdom in this burden? While He will never profit by obedience and no loss by all kinds of mischief? ".

-"While He created me, burdened me, then I fulfilled His burden with, knowing and obeying Him, then why did He give me a new burden to obey Adam and bow to him, what is the wisdom in this burden? it would not add to my knowledge and obedience to Him. "


-"When He created and absolutely burdened me, and specifically also gave me a new burden to prostrate to Adam, then when I did not bow to Adam why did He curse me and expel me from heaven, let alone his wisdom like this? Whereas before I was not never made a mistake especially something bad, except what I said "I will never want to bow down to something (let alone Adam) except to you".

-"After He created me then burdened me absolutely and specifically I did not obey him (specifically about prostration to others) so that my disobedience drove me out of heaven, then why did He give me a chance to meet Adam? So I entered into heaven a second time Then I disturbed and tempted Adam, so that Adam and his wife ate the fruit of the tree that God had forbidden them to do, with which they were both affected out of heaven, even if He had prevented me from entering heaven, Adam would have avoided my temptation. , and they will both remain eternal in heaven ".


-"After He created me and burdened me both publicly and privately, then cursed me, and allowed me to enter heaven in the midst of Adam and me in hostility? Why should I be overpowered by all his descendants? Then why does He also allow me to carry out my plan for them, what is the wisdom in that? If they were all created by nature without any deviation from that nature, they would have lived in purity, obedience and obedience, wouldn't that be so? it's better for them. "

-"I believe all these. He created me, burdened me and bound me, when I disobeyed him (prostrating to others other than him). He cursed and sent me away, when I wanted to enter heaven.
, then I did my business, He sent me away, and gave me power over the children of Adam, so why when I asked for strength He gave me grace, when I said, "Hold me fast till the day of resurrection", "What is the wisdom of such a thing? If He had destroyed me at once, surely Adam and all his posterity would have been safe from me, and surely there would have been no evil on the face of the earth. good and evil ".



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