I take shelter to you from word lie me, and I am forgiveness request in you from my idiocy.


I want to invite us a moment give time to condition self in vehicle Contemplation and Meditation. Here i want to share story and phenomenon about world crisis in this time towards somebody figure that can be made Leader / Caliph towards human culture social order, either through form scale little also big (country).


Alternation of people in this world who thinks he is able to organize and lead a country or whatever it is , as will be just a dream for the majority of mankind in this transitory hemisphere . Why is that ? because in fact only a program and wishful thinking . Just look at how many of them failures and the destruction of an order only in result its leader . Again vanished a hope for the emergence of the figure of someone who would be a role model in the lead . What causes the leader to fail ? or whether the problems that resulted in the ineffectiveness of a system ? Of course the causes or factors that could derail that goal , one of them is . There is an expectation that he said would be a program . The lack of a clear standard against the passage of a system . Inability of a person who seeks to be covered . Seeds and determine the weight of a person also can not be realized and that his leadership . To be honest until recently I still asked what and how the standard of leadership throughout the world . Why do I say this , because it possible that in a profession or field can to lead by many people ? or can one person is running all its programs alone? Examples of leadership if no one goes home there are two leaders let the father and child , let alone two in a single father household , it could be messy household . Examples of very light , at the moment we're running a vehicle ( car ) How's the car that if there are two drivers who drove in the steering ? Then so are States that exist throughout the world. The success of the State when the program is still running on the principles and standards as well like a new leader must be able to sync with the old leader , because if not then once again the program will stay programs and people that will be the leader will only stay Obsession alone . Any leader will never be released from the ideas and the idea that he would make his program in order to materialize the ideals . The idea is to multiply necessarily departing from the awareness and care will change to something positive . Similarly, the idea of ​​withdrawal will only be executed if not reckless and out of control herself . Self-esteem also needs to be raised so long as does not exceed her abilities. There are many procedures in running a program that its existence is consistent person in the lead . Then how also when there is a leader who runs with his own will and way ? may be , provided they are in line with that he led . Of course this is a very unusual way , when executed in the social fabric of human culture . Actually any man have a seed , and the weight of leadership in him . So it is not unusual or difficult to find if any human being is self-conscious . What I mean here is the self-conscious sensitivity to the sound of every heart and essence of a creature substantial. Everyone wished for a good leader , honest and have other responsibilities in terms of trust , everyone would be saying good or trustworthy, but what and how to determine the criteria for a leader ? whether because he has an ancestry that much ? whether because he has many possessions ? or maybe he has a lot of followers ? or maybe he just has an honesty , a willingness to change something ? he may even have the firmness in the lead ? . This example we make a leader who will meet the criteria . First he able but not honest / good / trustworthy . Secondly he's good , honest and trustworthy , but not able , because to choose leaders who are honest , good and trustworthy and able to be very difficult especially considering it's been almost no clear boundaries to ensure anyone who fits into option . Actually this is what should be considered by people who will choose , that what and how we want ? all passed to the selector and the selected . This leader is determined by the condition and where it is located ( introduction ) because if a leader does not know what and how he would lead , then how can the wheels of leadership , like a driver who does not know where the direction of the road , do not know or do not understand the type of what vehicle he was carrying . So is the charge of a region or country . Surely all current leader considers himself already meet the criteria , and some even consider him fit to be future leaders , would need to be given opportunities could prove to be a candidate , but the thing to remember the point above . If we do not understand / know and do not know the criteria the same, surely all can qualify to be preferred , because back again to the basic state , which is all that a sovereign nation between society and government , that is the meaning of citizenship if not like it then it is not the state name , but rather the kingdom , even just to be a sovereign kingdom with people . So if it's been a sovereign country and the people ? first maybe we can say is sovereign , but now it is not anymore because it was shifted from the sovereignty of the people to be sovereign interests of the individual , this is wrong , this is what should be improved , and this is not the principle of a state or nation . If this is over and gone back to the principle of the state , I believe anyone can be a leader because leadership is already provision within every human being , then it surely can because there is nothing difficult if understood / understand it and help each other , help each other and respect each other , certainly embodied the nation / state fair and prosperous .


Computerizeb by Fardhie Hantary


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