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Penasehat Rohaniah

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Each side of life and human life will never escape from God, line passing day and night like it was instrumental in the shaping of life and death all beings in the natural universe. Hopefully we're still in a conscious state and aware of our motivation to live in this mortal nature, there is no eternal in the life of our earth but only bridge which is more essential to life and certain. For those of us who are still alive given the opportunity to use and take advantage in the best possible future for the sake of saving our charity in the afterlife when we meet and deal with God.I believe in the illusion world is a lot of opportunities for us to do any order in full force by any man, or better known illusion world Internet terms in the mean with the network from one computer to another computer, which through this medium we communicate with people who exist throughout the world. And great opportunity for us to do anything but most importantly, never wrong in using such facilities, because if this means we use to do as they pleased and tyranny, then later we would be abusing other means, for was aware of how important and valuable means of what God has provided for He creatures on earth.

Mind without Science can be Wild, Mind containing Science without Control can be Evil, Cover yourself with Piety, Live above the guidance your God

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I seek refuge in Thee from the limitations of my oral, beg of pardon atThy from words which lie


Essence of Live In Containers Limited


Free lifestyle and party ordered the people to the point of emptiness. Similarly, those who prefer a glamorous life immediately see the point of saturation. Why is this so? Because habitual / law of nature since the beginning created the heavens and the earth. How come! humans who possess both the One has become a habit as well, with both of these elements when not in-sync according to nature then, it would have suffered disturbance. How come! Both Essence will demand their rights, or led to a zero point, as it is first created, as well as blood that turns into flesh, bone and then formed again wrapped with leather and perfected his form, then given life or spirit at the corpse. How come! All living things must be having undergone a habit that could not be separated from the natural law relationship / Sunnah. Free lifestyle plus the thrill of the moment have a habit, shame, and what the world if not !. "Better enjoy rather than load" "rather pleased than hard" "more simplified than difficult" better "the rich more than the poor". These reasons will definitely come out of a human mouth. All of it was just an excuse, all the reasons it was largely ignored by the nature and life itself. Because life should have ups and downs, ups and downs, hard pleased, above and below, without the need to select and sort according to individual taste......see more

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