I am nature, container and creature same like human and another creature. profession and my status that make me differ from the other but doesn't mean me can not see, speak and feel. If this human has known that my existence very worn out and weak because i too long have presented between universe group by, to run my profession that be task and my responsibility. If human can feel such as those which i feel how heavy and over a barrel at moment i am at confront with human importances not considering, i have also importance, i have also right and i also can give top priority right and my importance self as nature without having to considering another creature existence. But that must not i do because i have promised in my God's will self and to God that already to present me. “ If i do a certain change in my God's will as nature, so i also must considering human existence and another creature ”. What ever human realize the existence very depending with me, but my existence not influenced without human existence ”. Since yore i present without human existence at my side is unadjusted is other, permanent nature and i always walk appropriate my God's will. But final God is that already to hold me more opting i walk with human and another creature till in this time still to stay in my area. How at least human that and still to care with my existence without ever at realize it how depending human with me. Why does human not can use the surplus to a little just care with me and another creature, like me care with the existence and another creature existence, always use and Make use my existence by the importance. Sometimes i ask and surprise to see human existence, why does so easy change and ignore the existence self as human, has where that surplus not ever i have,  and i don't felt envious with that surplus, even that is me make a value to appreciate human as creature that has the surplus self. From formerly till in this time only capable see me from attitude and from my action. But only a little human that can listen my words and feel my presence at the alive civilization midst. There is no one capable human has counted truly how long my existence as nature till in this time still to be mysterious for all human. But i am not stop from activities as one of great world nature life bridge vast stretchess. I am permanent runs portions and my proportion without having to struggle and rue my God's will as nature, because with struggle and only increase will suffer and load in myself really heavy and My load heavy there's nothing capable shoulder and replace it besides i. Last my words. " I hope also can learn from within postur and endure the God's will as human.


Author by Fardhie. © 2008 - 2021

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