A little explanation and advocacy towards meaning of Islam

Islam is not just talk let alone the extent of Culture.

Religion also does not represent the true meaning of Islam.

Security and Prosperity is the result of the Islamization.

Islam is a way of life and has been a characteristic of all heaven and earth.

Alignment and harmony throughout his creatures.


Many of those who claim to humans and Muslims still interpret and define Islam, following opinions for the opinions, assumptions are correct. In fact, long before the existence

 of humans on earth exist. Islam has existed and exists in heaven before the angels, as well as on earth, everything has been Islam. aslama is fi'il madhi formation of the word

Islam itself means: already or have Islam. If it only defines Islam as a religion then it is clearly not enough and does not represent the intentions of the Creator, it should have become the attitude of human life
who want to organize and live the process of life and life safely back to His presence.



Interpret and inculcate into heart when Islam that be character from Allah Sincerely (As-Salam ) Conceptor alive and life.


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