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 Swan Song. Intonation Heaven. Rhythm Sky

Song is secretory hymn/singing from result of sound wave and processed by is assorted is way of so that the hymn respect and can to touch its hearer whoever. Rhythm and Tone represent solidarity from result of sensitive feel someone in expressing conscience. Way of simplest in expressing it is by crooning without having to in accompanying music oscillation, on the contrary there is also expressing it with colaboration accompanied by music oscillation. In creating Music or Tone in requiring ability of competent combination so that in hearing and in enjoying by our own it is of course and whosoever. But if words to be made by lyric do not can inspire to feel and expression feeling of heart, hence surely will become two-bit and promiscuously. In creating real song lyric of him in requiring calmness, readiness of surely its his, recognition of mind and mood. Then lyric is we compile in couplet for the shake of couplet. Hereinafter then we require Tone to be made by attendant peep at song which have finished we pour. In fact very depended by words, to determine rhythm type or tone to in selecting. Many people determine its rhythm pursuant to which have there is ( Plagiarize ) or possible pursuant to Commercial Trend. If/When two the mentioned become reference hence its result not again pure music art, but and business of popularitas. Artistic is a masterpiece create human being which do not get out of sensitivity feel ( Feeling) accuracy of mind and or natural existence energy ( Mind ) Feel secretory from within self ( Anfus ) make compatible it, beautiful and harmonious. But that all only upraised swan song of masterpiece create being. whereas creature masterpiece " The Creator" far exceed any, whoever. There's never masterpiece without He, will not human being can combination / composition without He, beautiful and harmonious never when not because of He, will not become any of masterpiece create human being if/when not because of He. Will never any, whoever there is, if He do not idea, and He is of Allah is The owner The most from all owning the most. ( God Sublime, Lofty And Lordly ) until meet to before He.

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