Inanition Self

Do I still remember this mortal life?

Not yet after all I have. 
I still live my self. 
Can I restrain my self while yearning continues?

What really happened, where! and where to place it Here is 
a slave of a slave, or I am on an eternal waiting 
Answer the Musta'aani, or at least dismiss the anxiety of your servant 
Oh Robbul 'arsy naungi and kuasailah this self beam the light and the Divine spirit of Your life again 
Make the in my heart and self from restrictiveness

Yaa Sami'ul 'alim yaa mujibu da' end as You begin 
Do not let the waiting in the 
hollow of this soul Present a Syahid, ya Jabbar, ya Dzuljalali wal Izzah

author by Fardhie

2008-2018 All rights reserved

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