Inanition and Emptiness

In the life I've been through, the more it leads to inanition and emptiness, everyone must move forward, but I feel stalled by negligence, because of the yearnings and aspirations Your servants feel.

When I wake up and walk at least those who are beside Your servant are accompanied and feel light to move. But I'm Robb! returning to solitude and emptiness, solitude and loneliness in this mortal life has reached the final point of saturation of worldly fatuity.

This longing blinded me to life, the Emptiness that always accompanied me in solitude. Almost I no longer have this self, no power on my own will, even the whole body of the servant will not function if not for You.

O Robb! behold your servant, come as it was. Be there as I have felt Your presence.

Are I still in Your distance? Have not all the things I've been through at least become Thy attention?

Where are you O Proselytizer, Your servant can no longer recognize himself, Your servant can no longer feel as before.

Come when I am still temporarily halted, take it when I have finished you, or end the episode of worldly that I pass, but do not ignore the Your servant, do not leave the heart who thirsty will meet, met to you and to those who have been through this devotion.

Silent O Preceptor! hollow felt, bland everything when You leave Preacher, O The Beginning, O Who gives life and causes death............


In the upstream we've met, In the womb I've ever been You send, In the hereafter my soul You grind down, In the heaven of Your sayings You raft, On earth I work serve. author by Fardhie

2008-2018 All rights reserved

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