Inanition and Emptiness

In the life that I went through, increasingly leads to inanition and emptiness. Everyone must move forward, but I was stopped by omission.

When I get up and walk at least they are there for me to feel accompanied and felt mild for stride. But I, O Lord! back to the loneliness and emptiness.

I almost do not have any more of this themselves, powerless on my own, even the whole body is not going to work if it were not for You.
Sublime! behold Thy servant, came as before You come. be there as I ever feel Your presence.

Where are You O Preacher, Thy servant no longer able to recognize himself, the man of Thy could not longer feel like the old days.

Silent O God! void feels, bland everything when You leave. Yaa Lofty, Yaa The worship, You're everything, place back in the servants!


In the upstream we've met, In the womb I've ever been You send, In the hereafter my soul You grind down,
In the heaven of Your sayings You raft, On earth I work serve.
author by Fardhie

2008-2017 All rights reserved

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